Polio marathon begins to help keep virus out of Nigeria


As Rotary International District 9141 Keeps Polio At Zero

(Source: Ibim Semenitari)

Every year on October 24th, the world celebrates the World Polio Day.  Rotary International and Rotarians the world over use the opportunity of the special day to carry out public enlightenment campaigns, immunization, surveillance and also donate towards the global eradication of polio.

Three countries; Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria, remained on the world’s radar because they were the only ones with new infections of the wild poliovirus. However on August 25, 2020, Nigeria exited that club after three years of not recording any new cases of the wild poliovirus.

This momentous occasion was even more gladdening because it meant that Rotary had kept its promise to the children of Africa, and the whole of Africa is now polio free.

To mark this historic landmark, all four Rotary International districts, in partnership with the National Polio Plus Committee (NNPPC) will observe and celebrate this year’s world Polio day with a virtual marathon to be hosted by Rotary International District 9141.

This year’s celebration is doubly significant being the first since Nigeria became certified Wild Polio Virus free. It is a chance for us to emphasize the need for increased awareness, continued surveillance and immunization.

To create awareness of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Rotary District 9141 is inviting all Rotarians, their families, friends, to join our virtual marathon aptly tagged: Running the last Mile to Keep Polio @ Zero.

We request you to kindly: Lead advocacy and campaign in ensuring that the wild poliovirus is kept at zero within Nigeria and Africa using pictures and videos. Share these widely via all media channels. Do use the #keeppolioatzero, #runningthelastmile, #rotarydistrict9141, #togetherwetransform;

To contribute your quota to running the last mile keeping Polio @Zero. Please make your donations to Rotary International District 9141,  Fidelity Bank Plc., Acc No: 5210044713.

Should you require additional information please contact the following persons;

• Obioma Obikeze ( obiobiks@brandeis.edu)  District 9141 Polio Plus Committee Chair

• Dike Onyiri (papadike@yahoo.com) 2020 End Polio Now Marathon Committee Chair.