Port Harcourt by Boat: Mission to Odiokwu: Behold, the Garden of Health

Mr Samuel T Amukele (r) with his wife, Zaneni

The green gate told me I was there; greenery. Beyond the gates, I stepped into Eden, or something close. Every person looked natural and healthy. Everything and everybody looked natural. I met patients that were sun-bathing.

I greeted the owner of the facility, Samuel Timothy Amukele, said to be over 80, and his wife, Zaneni, in the registry where endless books and files were carefully arranged on racks. The greetings were also simple and natural, and the smile truly natural and genuine, like in a monastery.

Welcome to the Garden of Health in Odiokwu community in Ahoada East where Nature is allowed to handle your healing. Nature here begins with God. The founder/president of African Medical Missionary Initiative (AMMI), Amukele, does not accept that he heals anybody. He can accept he is used by God, yes, but he insists that your body is made to fight any disorder. All he admits he does is trigger some hormones and reflexes to do their work.      

Contrary to what most persons think, water is his greatest tool. He regards himself as a water therapist, but thoughtfully admitted that of a truth, he can be called a herbalist, if the term means selecting best herbs in their best forms to assist your body do its work. In the garden are arrays of water therapy facilities; you drink over four litres a day, put your hands in hot water, then cold water; you sit in hot water to tune your ass, you do steaming (in an enclosed box with hot water cooking you; you get to a place where you stay in a pool that gets to your neck for 10 minutes; you move to a place where the water gets to your chest for 10 minutes; you get to a shower that pours hot water for a minute and cold for a minute and keeps interchanging. Your system must respond, must learn to adjust quickly and back. My brother, you must get well.

The Amukele’s are Sanitarians and vegetarians, but they do not force you to be. However, if you come as a patient, you must eat almost 100 per cent vegies and nuts and grains.  When you get back having been completely healed, you maintain 70 per cent of these while carbohydrate and protein will be about 30 per cent. Testimonies of turn-around abound.

Where journalism cannot take a true practitioner to does not exist. Meet the American-trained Natural Health expert who runs this centre in a remote enclave in Rivers State. There, those condemned to die by orthodox medicine come to find life. Example: he sees nothing big in diabetes and says it is the easiest ailment to cure. Cancer is easy for him. People come with over 300 points and in two weeks, they are down to eight and soon to 3.5.

The amazing thing is that AMMI is non-commercial. They teach you what to do, free. They also train you, free so that the circle of good health continues.

His first two degrees in Nigeria were in law before he proceeded to the US where he trained in natural medicine for years. His three kids (two boys and a girl) are all medical professionals practising in the US. His wife, same.  

The story of his encounter with Natural Healing and return to Nigeria will son run in Silver News and BusinessDay.