Premier League players paid £1.1bn in tax in one year as league fetches £7.6Bn


The football league in England especially the Premiership has shown it is a big business and that it contributes much to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. Taxes alone amount to huge income while the game of football contributes over N1.5 trillion per year in revenue.

The players in the Premiership paid £1.1Bn in one year, 2016-17 season alone. £1 is equal to N473 as at January 24, 2019.


That amount forms one-third of the £3.3bn tax generated by the league and its clubs, up from £2.4bn in 2013-14 when the last calculation was made.

The top flight and its members also contributed £7.6bn to the UK economy and supported nearly 100,000 jobs, a rise from £3.4bn when last calculated.

There are 1,500 registered professional players across the 20 clubs.

A report in The Times said the Premier League is likely to use the findings to push for new immigration arrangements allowing them to sign players from all over the world after Brexit.

“The broad position before the referendum was that on balance the clubs were cautious Remainers,” Premier League Executive Director Bill Bush told The Times.

“There are Brexit outcomes which could be quite positive for the Premier League and Brexit outcomes which could be harmful.

“We are concerned because of the uncertainty.”

This shows what Nigeria misses by not paying serious attention to its football business and sports in general.