Quackery, building collapse: Estate surveyors draw battle line


By David Ejiohuo

The unending buildings collapse arising from the handwork of quacks in the building industry in Nigeria has been described as a national tragedy.

Mr Rowland Abonta Enyinda, the National President of the Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV), made the observation during the week, while fielding questions from the journalists at the Port Harcourt international Airport, Omagwa, on arrival from Lagos.

According to the NIESV President, the unending buildings collapse crisis across the nation has become a tragedy, alarming and worthy to be given the serious attention it deserved.

The NIEV, he disclosed, would focus their attention and fine tune measures to end the tragedy during their one week professional meeting in Port Harcourt.

According to Mr. Enyinda, the NIESV and other professional bodies in the building industry in Nigeria were already in collaboration to seek permanent solution to the recurrent disaster.

Quackery, he observed, has become a major issue in every profession in the country and therefore, a reflection of corruption that was fast-becoming endemic in the lives of Nigerians.

The NIESV President said his union was in agreement with the law enforcement agencies to ensure that quacks and those trying to misrepresent the profession were brought to book and properly death with.

He explained that the union was floated about five years ago with the intention of bridging the gap and bringing in a number of graduates who could not go through the professional exams as to become members. “This was done to regulate their activities and bring them into the umbrella and train them in some form of certification and who knows, they may one day, become qualified estate surveyor and valuers”.

This steps he explained, was part of community development service by the union, done to ensure that those who wished to be estate surveyors were trained and equipped to do the business and avoid quackery. “We have so far enlisted about 1,000 of this category of people in the community development service from Lagos State and about 200 of them in Rivers State”, he disclosed.