Ramos seemed to have practiced the fall that broke Salah’s shoulder


As Champions league ends in anti-climax with Ramos plot against Salah

Sergio Ramos seemed to have practiced the fall that broke Mohammed Salah’s shoulder. The Salah incident seems to be played down around the world as many sports writers can’t know whether it was an entanglement or awkward landing. Its only Frnak Lampard formerly of Chalsea that is sure; Sergio Ramos was not intentional. That is to say that Lampard was in Ramos’ mind.

The incident seemed to kill the match as some viewers in Nigeria went away, not ready watch any more. They saw the several replays: Ramos pocketing Salah’s arm as mots midfield defenders do to a schemer they can’t control. They saw Ramos dragging Salah to a fall, they saw how he clipped the arm in his own and closed his armpit to maintain a grip of Salah’s arm.

Careful study showed that Ramos was not depriving Salah of the ball but seemed fully aware that someone’s arm would syrely break. And it did. The moment he achieved his objective of making sure he fell on that arm to break it, he rolled out like a judoka.

The ability to fall on a that same side of the shoulder without getting injured can only be achieved by practice. So, did Ramos practice the breaking of someone’s shoulder? Did he have Salah in mind or it could have been anybody?

Before the incident, some viewers in some parts of Port Harcourt said they observed that Real Madrid was no more pretending to be subdued; they were truly subdued. Liverpool took the game to them, marked them down, stopped them from playing the Madrid system of ball control and possession.

Salah dictated the midfield and attacking rhythm of meandering through Reals’ choked difference and finding space like air. Often, the Reds got behind the back four. Goal was a matter of time. Mane was causing trouble on the left flank to make matters worse.

An analyst warned that Madrid usually would do something after 20 minutes, if they do not understand what was going on. “Their match winners will do something after 20 minutes”. And they did.

The expectation was that Madrid would change style but you do not change style when you are not seeing any ball. What they did seemed to be to break the arm of the person upon whouse shoulders the LFC game was built.

After the incident, Madrid now started attacking because threat reduced at home; Liverpool became ordinary. This before their goalkeer, Kairius, decided to finish off his team with two clear goals to the team that did nothing special on such a day.

Top teams now load their middle with killers and negative footballers who import extra things to in games. The world saw it last night. The Champions league final became an anti-climax of an event. The quarter finals and semi-finals were the real matches, the real crackers.

Madrid seemed to win the cup but not the match, not the hearts of football lovers around the world. There seemed to be two champions on that pitch at last, the moral winners were in Red, the cup winners were in white.

Now, Salah is left to brood over his possible miss of what would have been his firs world cup; Russia 2018. It’s a pity, Egypt, a pity, Africa.