Rape of beauty queen: don’t sweep case under the carpet


* Kogi TUC urges IGP Adamu to shine eye

By Victoria Nnakaike, Lokoja

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has once again reminded the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, that the rape case allegedly leveled against the Kogi State Commissioner for Water Resources, Abdumumini Danga, be not swept under the carpet.

Ranti Ojo, the state Chairman made the call in the week during a peaceful protest in Lokoja tagged ‘say no to rape and all forms of gender based violence’, adding that exactly five months after the former Miss Kogi made the allegations that drew public condemnation from far and near, the case is yet to be cleared.

He lamented that the Nigerian Police under the leadership of Mohammed Adamu has failed to tell the nation the outcome of their investigation, as he described rape as a grievous offence which should be condemned in it entity no matter how highly placed the culprit could be in the society.

The union leader equally pointed out that if the commissioner is found guilty of the alleged offence, he must be punished in accordance to the law.

“We are here to lend our voices against rape in Kogi State and Nigeria in general. Collectively, we must stop rape as it does not speak well of humanity and it was a sin against God.

“I’m calling on the government and institutions that are saddled with the responsibility to implement stiffer punishment against culprits that are involved in rape no matter how highly placed.

“In Kogi State, it was alleged that the commissioner for water resources, Hon. Abdumumini Danga, raped a lady. Up till this moment, we have been kept in the dark. Let me make this passionate appeal to the IG of Police Muhammed Adamu.

“This case must not be swept under the bridge. The IGP must investigate this case and come out to tell Nigerians what is the outcome. If the commissioner is found wanting, he must face the full wrath of the law” Comrade Ojo expressed.

Speaking also, the Executive Director, Conscience for Human Right and Conflict Resolution, Idris Miliki, said; “Rape and assault perpetrated by anybody man or woman is a criminal offence under the Nigeria Law and should not be accepted.

“It is more worrisome when a Government official, in the calibre of a serving commissioner could be alleged to be involved in such criminal activities”.

Earlier, the chairperson Women Commission of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Kogi State chapter, Margret Bose Adeika, appealed to the federal government to enact a law that will put rapists in jail for 30 years, pointing out  that underage girls and ladies are not safe in society any more.

How commissioner flogged me naked, made video of nudity

In march 2020, it was alleged that Abdumumini Danga was accused of  abduction, battery and raping of one Miss Elizabeth Oyeniyi, a Kogi beauty queen for advising him to be responsible to his family members.

She explained that when she saw a photo of the commissioner distributing relief materials for COVID-19, she made a post on social media asking him to help his (commissioner) sister who happened to be her friend, with the reference ‘charity begins at home’.

Oyeniyi alleged, “On March 29, the commissioner was shown my post and he ordered some boys to pick me up. They took me and his sister from Okene to Lokoja, a distance of about 70kms, and the commissioner personally flogged us.

“He tore my clothes and made a video of my naked body, which he threatened to circulate while he kept me in his Lokoja residence, asking me to make another post apologising and countering my first post where I told him to assist his sister.

“He did not release me that day. In the night, he made sexual advances at me. And I allowed him to have sex with me because of fear. He only took me back to Okene the second day because they had an assignment in Okene.”