Rivers APC says LGA Congresses went well, despite court fracas


The APC in Rivers State said the party’s Local Government congresses went well. This is despite a court order obtained after fracas in the high court the previous day. Now, the APC says they received no court order stopping them, while the faction fighting them backed by the state government says the order was validly served.

The APC through the publicity secretary, Chris Fineface, said the legal adviser that received the court order was no longer a member of the party, having been expelled or suspended. The man spoke out saying he was still the legal adviser.

The battle to stop the court from sitting in Port Harcourt a day to the congresses led to violence. The court still sat with the protection of those the Governor called Rivers youths.

The APC now says it is encouraged and motivated by the position of Mr. Joseph Dogo, the party’s national officer sent to conduct the congresses. The man stated: “We went out to monitor the LG congresses in nine of the 23 LGAs. We saw a consensus. We saw unity of purpose. We saw people who are together, working for the advancement of this party (APC). Rivers people have made me proud. I do hope that by the time we release the pictorial of the events that took place in Rivers State, do not be surprised that people will be coming here to learn how you run this party. We are happy and we are grateful for the warm reception you have given us. When I addressed the press last week Sunday, I thought I had seen the best, but yesterday (Saturday), I was made to realise that what happened last week was just a preamble. The one of yesterday (Saturday) was so superlative. It was a wonderful experience when we went out yesterday (Saturday) to see how the LG congresses went on. I am satisfied with the results of the LG congresses in Rivers State. From what I have seen, Rivers APC is on a sound ground. What members of APC in Rivers State need to do is to keep this momentum going. Once it is on course, and they continue to put their eyes on the ball and not on the spectators, then they are assured that 2019 is for us to pick, because whatever we take, we deserve. We do not take what we do not deserve. What I have seen is that they (APC members) are prepared to take over this state in 2019”.

The party with the above reassuring statement reassures Governor Wike that with the resounding success of her Local Government Congresses monitored by both the National Committee of APC Led by Joseph Dago and INEC,  he can be ready to bid the Brick House come 2019 goodbye so that a true peoples’ Government will be enthroned in Rivers State. The party commended and congratulated all her party members who ensured that the Local Government Congresses was held according to the constitution of our great party and urged those elected to ensure that they live up-to the expectation of the party.

Now, the APC says it reassures the people of Rivers State and the entire Nigerians that they are now more united and determined to salvage their dear State from Wike’s governance no matter the odds.