Rivers elections update and Emuoha matter



1. Oyigbo LGA

APC – 3520

PDP – 16102

One ward cancelled

2. Asari Toru LGA

APC – 18180

PDP – 3175

No election in 3 of 13 Wards in this LGA according to the Collation Officer.

EO: Vandalism, corps members beaten, materials snatched.

3. Omuma LGA

APC – 2494

PDP – 15322

A ward in Omuma Ward 9 comprising 10 polling units was canceled. Total of 16 units cancelled due to irregularities, Collation Officer said.


APC -10996

PDP – 28536

Collation Officet said, “The election in ONELGA was peaceful. Suggest that computer be used to make for better collation.”

5. Obia/Akpor LGA

APC – 6875

PDP – 69981

Collation Officer said, “We were held hostage yesterday, security operatives rescued us. 4 of 17 Wards not covered due to violence. Collation Officer claimed they were held hostage but police came to the rescue”. He wouldn’t know who held them hostage.

6. Eleme LGA

APC – 2412

PDP – 8464

7. Ghokana LGA

APC – 9328

PDP – 10276

Igbinosa (EO) revealed, “Pockets of irregularities in different wards. 3,15,16, elections did not hold. There were shooting and crisis in these wards. 16, election was going on smoothly, and at 12noon, Corps member reported hoodlums attacks, card readers, results were snatched.”

8. Andoni LGA

APC – 10766

PDP – 72330

11 Wards, election took place in 10. In Ward 6 gunmen attacked when election was about to start.

Chief Samson Igeregbara (APC Agent) narrated how three persons were killed.

9. Echie LGA

Election held in 18 of 19 Wards.

APC – 7163

PDP – 11135

Electoral materials hijacked in one ward.

Collation continued today Monday, 25/02PDP

10. Khana LGA

CO Okechukwu Francis

EO -Okechukwu Obiozor

APC – 5329

PDP – 89843

CO: No election in Ward 6 & 15.

11. Opobo Nkoro LGA

CO – PROF Clifford Ofuru

EO – Samuel Udeze

APC – 3706

PDP – 3573

Wards 3,9,11, cancelled due to  over voting.

12. Emohua LGA

CO – Kpang Menobari

EO – Kenneth Eta

APC – 72745

PDP – 7148

SDP – 8849

13. Ogu/Bolo LGA

CO – Solari Otobo

EO – Ezenwa Alozie

APC – 2148

PDP – 8221

No cancellation

Prof. Eneffion Essien,

No election in Akuku Toru & Bonny


Ikwerre, Okrika and Ahoada West local governments have no results due to military and thugs invasion

Emuoha results unsteady

Despite the inclusion of Emuoha, some still insist it was dropped. See below;

The collation officer for the presidential election in Rivers State State, Aniefiok Essien, has “stepped down” the results for Emohua Local Government Area after a disagreement between officials and party agents.

The collation officer for the LGA, Pang Enubari, presented the results which included 72,745 votes for the APC and 7,148 votes for the Peoples Democratic Party.

But agents of political parties led by PDP’s Austin Okpara protested because the Electoral Officer (EO), Kenneth Eta, earlier said no collation took place in the area.

The EO said the collation officer could not be found between Saturday night and Monday morning and queried the source of the results he presented to the collation centre in Port Harcourt.

But then, Mr Essien asked the officials and agents to harmonise the results and return for their presentation.

When they returned, the CO announced an agreement and presented the results but amidst protests by some parties.

Mr Essien asked the EO how he and the CO reconciled having earlier said no collation took place in the LGA.

The EO said he had submitted his report to the commission and requested the CO be allowed to make his presentation.

When asked for the results of the polling units and wards that led to the results from the LGA he was presenting, the CO said: “they are not with me here.”

Then, the SCOPE said the results be stepped down until the CO was able to present the forms used to record votes across polling units and wards.