Rochas Okorocha says poor background should not decide future of any child


* As AIT’s Dokpesi partners with Rochas Foundation

By Sabi Onyenew, Owerri

Before he became a governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha was known to fight for underpriviled children at least in the area of education. He thus set up free schools for them.

As soon as he became governor, he launched free education in Imo State and later began to pay ‘salaries’ to pupuls and students. This drew sharp criticisms because it appeared shabby.

Now, the governor who has less than one year to vacate office says he still believes that the background of a child should not be sole determinant of the child’s future.

Okorocha who often says how he hawked pasteries on the streets of Jos but is today a governor said some great leaders that have led their nations were never born into rich families.

Governor Okorocha spoke weekend when he led the Chairman of the African Independent Television (AIT) Raymond Dokpesi to Rochas Foundation College of Africa to meet with the students and tour the facilities.

He said, “Here, we try to make these children believe that their background will not stop them from becoming what they want to be. So we train them to walk with pride and tall because their future is secured. Here we transform them to be leaders that can believe in themselves”.

The governor told Dokpesi “perhaps, you should be one amongst the dignitaries that have visited here. When we started this project, we did not know that it will take this dimension but this is God’s project and not my project. As we go along this journey, God shapes this project to suit what he wants”.

He continued “I thought I was providing education but I have come to see that we are providing Unity for our Continent. What gladdens my heart is that we have been looking for a partner to tell the world about this new African Union. This is African Union and I am looking for partners who will take this story beyond the shores of this land. I believe that the Unity of Africa begins with these children”.

According to him “these children are bound together in love. When one of them becomes stick, all of them become sick because they are worried about their true brother or sister. This is the real African Spirit. Every child here is a story, and that can only be an act of God and not man. Some of them were victims of Ebola”.

Chairman of AIT, Dokpesi in his speech said he was marveled at the visions of the governor, and would support it in the aspect of free promotion of the school and disseminating their programmes.