Same day: APC governors meet Buhari in Daura, Obasanjo meets Jonathan in Otueke


The political firmament is getting cloudy and realignments are featuring everywhere. In one day, APC governors headed to Daura, Kastina State, to meet with the serving president, Muhammudu Buhari. Reasons remain unknown.

Same day, Olusegun Obasanjo, an influential former president and one-time military head of state, traced Goodluck Jonathan to otueke. Reason is also unkown. What matters is that Obj produced Jonathan as president but also allegedly pulled him down by denouncing his membership of the ruling party to the extent of tearing his membership card. Obj also aided Buhari to power but has written a letter condemning his presidency, even asking him not to dare recontest. Many think the signs are ominous.

Now, Obj has showed up in Otueke, probably in his continued effort to mobilize and forge a broadbased coalition or movement expected to topple the present president.

In the coming days, the reasons for the Daura delegation and the Otueke sneak-in would filter out. For now, rumours and speculation would rule.