Saraki in PH: Is he r-APC, n-PDP or PDP?


Bukola is a man of destiny but first, is he a member/leader of the APC, r-APC, n-PDP or PDP? He began as a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) staunch member in Kwara State where he was governor for four years, he became part of a rebel PDP group called New PDP (n-PDP) and later became All Progressives Congress (APC) from where he rode on the back of the PDP to become senate president on APC ticket. Later, he began to act as n-PDP leader and now, they say he formed the r-APC. Today, he is hand-in-gloves with PDP leaders especially Gov Nyesom Wike.

What is important is that the taciturn senate president is winning every battle, and a social media analyst just predicted he would clinch PDP presidential ticket and would floor Buhammadu Buhari, the incumbent president. It may so. It would explain the protacted war between the National Assembly and the Buhari presidency, something people thought was strict oversight function on display. Saraki himself says his trials were political vindictiveness. This means that both parties knew the real issues from the onset. This means all those loads of money allegedly stolen were not stolen after all, which means they are intact.

Bukola had fought supremacy battles with his father, the kingpin of Kwara politics, and won. Any man who has the heart to crush his Dad in a political encounter must be strong, if not ruthless. Many wonder who else he would not crush. If that analysis is correct, it would then be a semi-final battle with Abubabakr Atiku, himself a wealthy man and returnee from APC too. Little wonder both men recognize the vast powers of Go Wike over the PDP ticket and both of them have turned PH into a political mecca.

In this logic, would Buhari be the Germany or Brazil of the world cup? Are Atiku and Saraki Belgium, Croatia and Russia? Let’s keep watching the world cup, lets also keep watching the Nigerian scenario.