See disturbing statistics on attacks on Bonny water route


As calls rise for shutdown of Bonny Island for protests

By Codratus Godson

Calls have become rife to shut down the Bonny Island for protests against constant attacks and loss of lives in the water route between Bonny and Port Harcourt.

The Rivers State House of Assembly recently ordered the Bonny local council boss to appear before it for explanations on why most Bonny youths have taken to piracy.

A lawmaker was recently kidnapped. Activists have exhumed figures to show that over 15 attacks have so far taken place in 2019. The statistics obtained from Okoloama Ikpangi & Dr Abarasi Israel Abbey-Hartent were released by a Bonny son, Anderson Ezekiel Hart of the Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce.


Armed robbery attacks on our Bonny-Port Harcourt waterway actually started in May, 2007 in which two persons were killed.

In 2017 alone, there were twenty two (22) sea pirate attacks and nine (9) deaths recorded on Bonny-Port Harcourt waterway.

On the 14th July, 2016 after a boat was robbed, three persons were abducted and a ransom of 1.4 million naira was paid to secure their release by their families. In another experience in June 2016, not only did they steal from the passengers, they humiliated them, as the passengers were asked to strip themselves naked and jump into the river while they went away with the boat and their belongings.

At certain times specifically in 2009 and 2010, they had seized an entire cotonou with goods and persons.

Here are more attack records with dates;



23/1/2017 – (2 boats) Near miss – one boat escaped other was robbed

20/2/2017 -Near miss -boat escaped




2/9/2017 (2 boats)

13/9/2017 1 fatality




2/11/2017 – Near miss






18/April/2019 Sea pirate attack

22nd/July/2019 Sea pirate attack


26th September 2019 – Three boats snatched – 2 persons kidnapped

30th Sept – Two boats attacked


The year 2019, we have had more than fifteen (15) attacks already.”

If this is not enough to shut down the Kingdom for a protest for good governance from our leaders, nothing else is enough.

#Statistics © Okoloama Ikpangi & Dr. Abarasi Israel Abbey-Hartent.