Shakarau: Defected? Staying back in PDP? Or, still consulting?


News came that Ibrahim Shakarau of Kano State has defected to the APC where he belonged. Next, it came that he did not defect. Now, news is that he is still consulting. Which really is the situation?

There are enough facts to warrant a defection in the sense that he has never worked well with Kwankwaso. There are also enough facts to support that he may stay in the PDP. It could therefore be that he is testing the resolve of the PDP to keep him or to wrest some of the 51 per cent shares allocated to defecting Rabiu Kwankwaso.

If both of them believe that APC would not win the next elections and thus defected to the PDP, it goes that Shakarau would have no reason to defect back to APC but to take whatever pieces left for him. Many say 10 per cent of success is better than 100 per cent of failure.


Shekarau’s spokesman, Ya’u, had recently told BBC Hausa that his boss left the PDP due to the dissolution of Kano PDP state executives and formation of a caretaker committee under Rabiu Bichi, former Secretary to Kano State Government, and a close political associate of Rabiu Kwankwaso, a PDP presidential candidate and ex-governor of the state.

However, Shekarau, also a PDP presidential aspirant, in an audio clip repeatedly aired on some radio stations in Kano said he is still making consultations with his political associates on the next line of action.

He said his followers know he has a tradition of consulting political associates before taking any critical decision, and will make his position known to the public, himself, at an appropriate time.

“People are aware with the current trend in PDP Kano State. The national leadership has announced dissolution of Kano state executives of PDP,” he stated.

“We have challenged this decision in court, because it contradicts the constitution of the PDP. We are still making consultation with PDP leaders in Kano for next line of action.

“You are aware in my political history, before I take any decision, I consult my political associates. I am still making such consultation.

“I am appealing to my supporters to exercise patience. I will make my position known to public myself at an appropriate time.”