Shoot at sight order seems to scare ballot highjackers


President Muhammadu Buhari showed signs of anger and probable frustrations by Monday afternoon after reviewing the processes that led to the postponement of the Saturday presidential polls.

The presient met with top APC leaders Monday to take stock and seemed shocked how far plans were afoot to get him out of power, evene when he said his tour of the country told him he was coasting to victory.

The president ordered shoot at sight order to the security forces aimed at anyone attempting to snatch ballot bozes.

He said anyone attempting to snath ballot boxes was inving death. This seems to have caused a chill in the polity. Some thugs had paraded on failed election day, some already showing their game plans.

Now, the chill seemed to get to he nerves of opposition leaders who have rejected the order as they have rejected everything the president has initiated all his tenure. Some have however quoted the constitution to show that punishment for such offences was not death sentence.

Immediate past speaker of the House of Reps, Dogara, has addressed the press, condemning the position of the president. National PDP chairman, Uche Secondus, has also openly accused Buhari of planning to launch bloody dictatorship in Nigeria.

The condemnation keeps trending as the new date for electios rush down on Nigerians.