Showers Schools CEO wants education investors to focus on self-confidence and entrepreneurship


* Says those who cheat in exams face challenges later in life

Osi Nelson

In The founder and CEO of Port Harcourt-based Showers Group of Schools, Ekama Emilia Akpan, wants investors in the education sector to focus on creating self-confidence and entrepreneurship in graduates of today. She said graduates must be assisted to develop self confidence and ability to cope with the economic conditions full of strains.

Akpan, who is the national vice president of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) told newsmen in Port Harcourt that parents to be wary of high brow schools they send their children to in the present Nigeria where children are destroyed by wrong values and vices. She condemned schools that condoned cheating just to post wonderful results, saying in Showers, failing is good to repeat and get it right.

The MAN representative in Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) said her secondary school, Christian High School, focuses on building the character of the child as well as academic performance, saying both are crucial in building the career of a child.

She said she decided to set up Showers in her quest for the new child who should get the right type of education backed with self-confidence, good value and ability to do things without external influences.

She said it is wise to allow children to study up to the university level in Nigeria before proceeding abroad because most of those who go there end up not achieving their objective because of culture shock and extreme cases of discrimination.

The SMEDAM committee member said the A-Level study is another way of developing the child before the journey abroad to make them strong in the university and to resist forces of coercion abroad.

Akpan called on the government to encourage good private schools but must enforce ban on those merely setting up ‘miracle’ centres for the purpose of writing wonder results that people carry out without the confidence to defend them. She said children who parade such results hardly lead a meaningful life or career.

Akpan, who headed MAN, Rivers/Bayelsa chapters says the group of schools is out to redeem the image of the South-South in high-brow and credible classroom feats in the South-South.

The secondary school is located in Igbo-Etche area near Port Harcourt, the primary school is in Woji area of Port Harcourt, while the administrative headquarters is located on Trans-Woji Road, also in the Garden City.

Akpan said at a media briefing at Grace Plaza at Number 30 Trans-Woji revealed how she decided to address the rot in the youth cadre of the society, saying the backbone of entrepreneurship and success of the economy depend on sound education system.

She told newsmen that the hallmark of teaching in Showers is sound character of the child and ability to work independently for the highest levels of success. She tabled different results that showed that the students record very high scores at both national and international examinations.

Showers CEO said her school has produced hundreds of medical doctors, lawyers, engineers and other to professionals from some of the best universities in the world. She said she had sent over 1000 brilliant Nigerian students to Ghana universities alone, but said she now concentrates on Nigerian universities.

The CEO said she once lost a major contract to train students on scholarship because she would not remove praying in her schools, but that some ex-students around the world have called to testify to the power of prayer over money in educational and career successes.

The MAN vice president said a student had once rebuked an invigilator that urged the students in her school to cheat.