Social media source: Be vigilant, boys now impound cars


Some group of boys under the guise of govt/council directive of decongesting PH of illegal motor parks, wrong parking and obstruction, areas de-marketing the once known Garden City.

Method of operation 1) Impound any vehicle that stops suddenly on the road. 2) Parks in the bus stop; 3) Parks on the side to take phone calls; 4) Other offences that are fabricated to extort money from unsuspecting road users.

They will approach you with smiles and good language and accolades like Honourabe, I know this senior bros for Rumuigbo, etc.

All this is to distract and put you off guard. They will create a scene and ask you to come down and see /talk with their boss/honourable. They will target your car key. While talking with the team lead, one pretends to be doing vehicle snapshot; another or two of them will speed off with your vehicle.

Then, they will ask you to join them and negotiation is initiated by them. You agree with them or they steal the car or take it to a compound opposite Reason Filling Station by Eleme Junction Bus Stop, after the flyover. Some cycled characters will preside over your matter. Tyres would be deflated immediately, pumping is #500 each. According to them, allow them book you and  pay #70000 into God knows Bank account number. Option B; you  pay #35000 and go free.

Questions that need answers This market place is for who? Is it not high time the Govt educated the public on how, where, how and when to stop or park? I suggest that uniformed law enforcement agencies with branded vehicle should take over the job.

Offence and penalties should be made public to avoid the illegal and criminal ambiguity directed to extort.

Publish designated bank account for genuine offenders into the Rivers State IGR.

CP River State, please monitor this trending operations to avoid breakdown of law and order.

Above all; road users, please put on your hazard lights immediately you  find yourself in such emergency situations.