Social media: Thank God I did not help a fellow woman

Thank God I’m a wicked person who doesn’t help random people
on the road. 

This woman flagged me down some months ago at Waterlines. I was in traffic, and we were moving slowly but she kept stopping me. Wound down to hear what she had to say. She said “madam, please help me, fuel just finished in my car”. I said, “What do you want me to do”.

Her: “I’m a woman like you o, please take me to the nearest filling station”.

Already irritated by the “I’m a woman like you” statement, I told her I was already at my destination and I can’t go further to look for any filling station. She walked off, looking so worried. It was then I noticed the keg in her hand. I felt so bad cos I thought she really needed help.

SAW THIS WOMAN TODAY AGAIN, at Odili Road, she stopped me again, same story.This time she added that her children are still in school and I should take her to the nearest filling station to buy fuel.

If she was asking for money, I would have said begging is her hustle but this woman wants to get into your car to drive off with you & she targets women

When she first stopped me today, I sped off. Then I stopped to buy yam, looked in the mirror and saw her stopping flashy looking cars driven by women. Next thing, she had walked to my car.

Told her to get a job and leave kidnapping. She immediately entered a keke, and disappeared. That keke had been waiting for her by the side, he would have probably driven behind her & her victim.

God! Fellow women, be very careful as u drive, the evil ones are everywhere. God save us.