Stay away from Rivers if you are scared, Wike’s aide to Amaechi


Is Rivers insecure? The Rivers State Government has advised the Minister of Transport  RT Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to stay away from Port Harcourt if he feels the State is unsafe.

Reacting to a statement by the Minister during a thanksgiving Church service in honour of the APC guber candidate Tonye Cole today in Port Harcourt  that Rivers State is unsafe, the State Commissioner for Information and Communications Barr Emma Okah said Amaechi should show his anger by hosting his party activities, Church programmes, birthday parties etc in  Abuja outside the State since he says Rivers State is unsafe.

“Normal people no longer take Amaechi serious any more because he lives in bitterness. Evidence abound to show that the Rivers State Government and the security agencies are doing their best to secure lives and property in Rivers State and only a deluded or mischievous mind denies this fact” Okah said.

Condemning the reckless manner Amaechi talks, Okah said that in normal climes, a former governor and a serving Minister qualifies to be a stateman but the case of Amaechi is a harvest of shame as he maliciously discredits everything the Rivers State Government is doing to develop the State and provide security for the people.

“Amaechi needs to know that any failure of security under our democracy where the Governor has played his role is an indictment on the Nigeria Police and the security agengies who are under the control of the Federal Government and Amaechi should ask the heads of security agencies he posts to the State why there are lapses if any” he said, noting that Rivers State Government will not join him in the journey to perdition by condemning the hard working security agencies.

Instead of Amaechi to empathise with those who sadly, lost their loved ones, he was  spitting on the graves of the deceased and

mocking them  because he knows he is seeking political mileage with the blood  of the innocent and has not supported the State to fight crime since he became a Minister.

Rather than allow security agencies to do their work unhindered, Amaechi has continued to politicise the security architecture to achieve only political ends since his stooge lost the guber elections in 2015.

He must explain to Nigerians why security challenges still exist in all states in the Country. Are those Governors  also not doing enough or should that also not be the reason they and the President should lose elections? Okah asked, noting that even the APC led Federal Government has not been able to address all security challenges in  Nigeria despite their superior war chest, resources and imprimatur.

On the issue of people leaving the State,  Okah said Rivers State is the leading investment destination in Nigeria and dismissed Amaechi as blowing hot air, talking without facts and statistics.

“Amaechi should explain why over 12 million Nigerians lost their jobs since 2015.  Is he also alerting Nigerians that his boss is inefficient as President? Okah said.