TCN wants support to modernize national grid


Says collapse of grid inevitable

By Gladys Nweke

Nigerians must learn to bear with regular collapse of the national electricity grid but there is need for support of members of the public in these circumstances.


The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has disclosed that subsequent collapse of the national grid cannot be totally avoided in the country.

In a statement titled, TCN Restores Supply After System Collapse, the company explained that as national grid is still being operated with zero spinning reserve, system instability like the partial system disturbance might not be avoidable and the reoccurrence of last week shutdown is inevitable.

Meanwhile, TCN stated that full restoration of the grid was achieved at 2:15am on Friday after the system collapse that occurred about 16:15 hours on Thursday. The company disclosed that though full restoration had been achieved, the grid was still recovering from an earlier partial system disturbance.

he agency said: “National grid was still supplying Port-Harcourt, Aba, Omoku, Yenegoa, Afam among others, through Afam IV, Rivers IPP and Omoku Power Stations. The efforts immediately began to synchronize other parts of the network but as restoration reached advanced stage, the situation suddenly degenerated into a collapse of the nation’s grid.

”Full restoration of the grid re-commenced immediately after the incident and by 10pm yesterday, most parts of the nation were back on the grid before full restoration was achieved some hours later”, it stated.

Assuring Nigerians of a brighter future, TCN said it was not relenting in its efforts to completely stabilize the grid. It solicited the support and understanding of Nigerians as it continues to work on modernizing the Grid.

Recall that in 2019 the national electricity grid reportedly recorded more than 12 collapses, worsening power supply across the country. This is the first collapse in 2020 and Nigerians can only wonder how many more times the grid will collapse this year as modernization is still ongoing.