The ‘Noble Cop’ fumes, takes a stand for Rivers State


The retired police officer, Mike Chukwuma, one time Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), had posted some advice to the political class over the actions of uniformed personnel in the elections. A citizen replied and accused him of political bias due to his appointment of Commander of the Rivers State Neighbourhood Watch Corps. He got angry and fired back, digging into his back of polished logic and grammar to defend his ideological position in the face of crisis.

Read him:

Michael, I started my social media comments when your party leadership went out of their ways to lie to public that the Governor of our State, Chief Barr Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, CON, armed and deployed members of my Agency to intimidate and or disrupt the electoral process.

This was same way some chieftains of your party raised alarm sometime last year that the Governor attempted bringing in Army uniform into the State with the aim of giving them to the Neighbourhood Watch: a statement that was aired on many media houses. But it may interest you to know that I came in contact with the man that headed that false allegation who, incidentally, had been long time friend, and when confronted as to why he tried to smear my image, he apologised, saying, “You know how politics is in this country. You say what they ask you to say and do what they tell you to do”.

I am still the ‘Noble Cop’ and will continue to protect my integrity. I am a professionally trained police officer who, while still in service, came up with 10 books. The Police must assert their right of place in a civil approach as constitutionally provided in a democratic society which Nigeria is.

Attempt to shy away from this will affect their trust in the eyes of the public, morally. You may approach me for a copy of one of my latest books, ‘Community Policing in Nigeria: Myth or Reality?’ It takes normal people to build an ideal society. I am a very normal person and with my hard earned educational background, I vowed long ago that I will impact positively on society and there is no better time to do that than when society seems to be drifting as we are experiencing this time around in Rivers State simply because of election which is transiently tenured.

Who has been at that Brick House forever? You and I were kids when our father, then Commander Alfred Papa Preye Diete-Spiff, now His Majesty, was the occupant of that House. Now he drives himself freely because he did not, at any point in time, try to destroy the State or the people.

Those that form the present crop of political leadership in the State today are within our age range and I boldly say that it is incumbent on us to without bias advise them when we find any of them going out of the line so that we can stand up tomorrow before our children and grandchildren to show and tell them our contributions when our society faced challenge and our contributions were needed.

I am not a social media bigot hence not showing up here on this platform but somehow, the society needs to hear and know the truth, no matter whose ox is gored. I am not a member of any political party, you can investigate this. My appointment is to serve the State and on that I stand.

Political parties will come and go just the way you politicians defect but as you know also, the soldiers and police officers on ground today will someday retire to their states/communities but you and I have no place else to go but here. That’s an un-political fact