Tiv group rejects hate speech against monarch


The Tiv socio-cultural organization, Mdzough U Tiv (MUT) has hit back at those it said had demigrated its highest monarch, the Tor Tiv. The group said the new Tor Tiv has was a highly credible personality who should not have been insulted.


The executive committee said it noticed with grave concern the recent numerous hate messages on the social media directed at the Tor Tiv, their most revered paramount ruler, HRM. Orchivirigh Prof. James Iorzua Ayatse. “We wish to submit here that all the unsubstantiated attacks and innuendos against our paramount ruler are completely false and a great disrespect to a man of impeccable and exemplary character who has without considering any personal benefits chosen to serve the Tiv nation. In addition to the personal attacks on the Tor Tiv, The Mdzough U Tiv views these write-ups to have unwittingly extended insults and disrespect to the Tor Tiv stool, the entire Tiv Traditional Council and the Tiv nation in general.

“Our paramount ruler’s reputation and distinguished record precede any attempt to discredit his character.This is a man who is a renowned Professor, was vice chancellor of two federal universities and has just been appointed Chancellor of Abia State University. Amongst several other achievements within a relatively short reign, he has united our sons who were in the past sworn enemies.

“This man is above petty politics and has never indulged in any. Moreever he has directed all his traditional rulers to stay clear of partisan politics in the land. Mdzough U Tiv believes that this dirty disposition may have come from disgruntled political elements who might have lost their elections and are looking for cheap excuses for their failures.

In conclusion, we wish to strongly condemn this anti-Tiv behaviour and to remind the writers that the Almighty God is behind the Tiv nation and will defend us from unwarranted attacks and extend judgement equitably.

“Mdzough U Tiv has noticed with concern that although we are the fourth largest ethnic group in the nation, we have no presence at the national level, no minister, no permanent secretary, no special advisors e t c. Therefore wherever the nations policies are being made we have no say or share.

Additionally, the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore has openly declared war on the Tiv nation and has further prostulated that our land is theirs. Yet our hate seeking citizens have turned their back on those crucial issues and have instead reserve vicious attacks on innocent Tiv nationals.

“Mdzough U Tiv advises our intellectuals and renowned sons and daughters to beam their search light o the federal level and ensure that we have adequate employment opportunities in the Federal Civil Service, the security agencies, para military services and Federal infrastructural development in Tiv land and Benue State in general.”

The statement was signed by Chief. Engr. E.I.T Ujege  (FNSE, MFR), President General, and Dr.Boniface Ukende, Secretary General.