Tonye Cole still sweats as Magnus Abe finally out of the ballot, by Appeal court verdict


The strands of hope clutched by hopeful leaders of the APC in Rivers State in both camps seem to snap to a semi-final as Senator Magnus Abe who wanted to be declared the right candidate of the party to occupy the slot of the stay of execution won by the party knew the answer Thursday. His counterpart, Tone Cole, is yet to get his verdict as the Appeal Court put the date further away. Yet, the clock is ticking to irredeemeable stop.

Press Statement: Cole camp describes ruling as victory for truth

The decision of the Court of Appeal which sat in Port Harcourt to determine the case between Senator Magnus Abe and the APC has just been received.

In it, the Appellate Court which had earlier granted a stay of execution on the ruling of the Rivers State High Court held  that Senator Magnus Abe is not a legitimate candidate of the All Programmes Congress in Rivers State.

It should be clear to everyone, including INEC, that the “uninvited tumbo fly”, which acted in the company of the PDP to oust the APC and its candidates from the ballot embarked on a dangerous voyage that is fascist, anti-people and undemocratic.

It is still baffling to understand why a man who has been a beneficiary of the party and its leadership  at all levels can connive with others at large to deny his own party of proper representation.

From every indication, the capacity of the judiciary to weigh issues on a scale of balance in its search for justice, fairness and equity has more often than not, laid the foundation for the respect the rule of law has earned in the eyes of right thinking men.

We therefore salute the Justices of the Court of Appeal for standing by the truth and the basic principles of the law. Today’s ruling has vindicated the APC. We have all along insisted that we followed due processes set out by the National Secretariat of our great party.

The truth is that Magnus Abe who chose to go on an unauthorised excursion into the wild did not obey his own party. Supported by the PDP, Abe refused to comply with directives and guidelines set by the party for the purpose of conducting party congresses and primaries.

Let it be known to all who have the knack for betrayal that justice comes surely and slowly. It is obvious that the judiciary has by this ruling demonstrated that the right of the meek and law abiding, can never be taken away even by the highest bidder.

This, for us, is the lesson that any rational mind should learn from the ruling of the Court of Appeal. The other thing to say is that the Court of Appeal has removed the table on which Abe built

By the grace of God, the right of the Rivers people to determine who will represent them will be restored.

We urge INEC not to hide under the guise of a decided case which is apparently under review at the Supreme Court to keep APC out of the ballot.

The Supreme Court has acknowledged in a recent decision that it may have been grossly misled. It has assured that a panel that would re-examine its position would be put in place.

Today, justice has been done and we hail the judiciary for coming to the rescue of the democratic process and the role of the APC in fulfilling its historic mission

(Source: Ogbonna Nwuke, Spokesman, Cole/Giadom Campaign Organisation)