Woji explodes in businesses from Trans-Amadi overflow


By Kelechi Anozie

Woji, a tonw near Trans-Amadi Industral Estate in Port Harcourt, is now the new receptacle for businesses as trans-Amadi seems to overflow.

Trans-Amadi has been the industrial zone for Port Harcourt since the 1960s when it was built by the Eastern Nigeria government to boost industrial growth of the Port Harcourt zone of the region, the way Emene Industrial Zone was expected to boost Enugu town.

Now, with a resurgence of Trans-Amadi with new road network, Woji is said to be the new spill over.

The oil-rich state is seen to grow on a daily basis, receiving new companies such as ALCON, leading to a centre of attraction.

Alcon, formerly Med Construction, has its head offices at Trans Amadi, but has a fabrication yard located at Woji.

Woji is a town in Obio/Akpor local government area in Rivers state. The company, Hollified Industries Limited on Alcon Road 2, JDP Bridge off YKC, Woji  in Port Harcourt, has attracted investors and construction.

According to traders along the route, businesses now move faster on the route. It is now a busy area.

According to Kevewe Egedegbe, a  worker of EL-Totuoma International Limited, a construction company in Alcon into construction of marine vessel, he said the community has a cordial relationship with the company.

He said influx of companies in the area has helped to bring safety and improve upon the environment with an established quality assurance system to plan and control all activities affecting the quality of their product or services provided.

He added that the company aimed at fostering technological progress has the potential to boast economic growth.

A resident in Woji Alcon, Emeka John, however said that the environment was merely bushy without signs of modernization, adding that he is however happy for the new wave of reconstruction.

According to a local transporte, Peter Emmanuel, the traffic along Woji Road has become something else due to higher population coming in. He said by 8am, the road is very busy these days, but observed that the expansion of the road has helped to safe the sitation.