Women accountants stage 2019 thanksgiving in style at Eleutheria Ministries


When God is in charge of your affairs, no matter who is the president of Nigeria, your own economy will continue to prosper, says man of God

 By Osi-Nelson & Jeremy Nwachukwu

The hall of Eleutheria Ministries, an emerging centre of true worship in Port Harcourt exploded in joy and excitement last Sunday, January 27, 2019, when female accountants under the aegis of Society of Women Accountants of Nigeria (SWAN) stormed the centre for their 2019 annual thanksgiving.

The regally dressed professionals danced along the isle in grand style, the gospel band played in new excitement to usher in those who promote integrity in financial matters.


The female accountants put life first and safety in offices and homes seem to worry even more over their safety at home and offices ahead in their prayer requests. They seemed to realize that their jobs require probing into figures and other duties that may lead to investigations and probes, attracting harm and targeting.

At the Eleutheria Ministries in Rumukwurushie (Grace and Mercy multiplied), the women accountants stormed the Alter of God with thanksgiving, worship and requests, chief among them, safety or life. After a heavy of dose of praise/worship in gospel music supported with perhaps Niger Delta’s best drumming, the female chartered accountants danced to the alter in their full regalia.

Their leader, Mrs Chinedu Nwachukwu, a fellow, said SWAN has been enjoying God’s favour over the years and so they came to thank the lord for those favours, which included safe deliveries, good marriages, and their jobs. “We have come here in numbers because there is fire at the alter and we are sure our prayers will be answered.’

Making direct submission, the chairperson asked for good health in 2019, unity in SAWN as a Society, one purpose and focus; and above all, divine assistance to achieve their 2019 targeted projects especially in their passion and profession. “Oh God, give us the resources to achieve these objectives. Give jobs to our members without jobs so far and to those who run their offices, give them more projects to handle. Give us 2019, oh Lord. Give support to the Port Harcourt District, the main body which is also led by a woman. Let her tenure go well and be remarkable.”

The Chief Worker and head of Eleutheris Ministries, Pastor Kingsley Nwachukwu, admonished the female accountants and all those who wish to make it in careers not to advertise their weaknesses, but to rather announce their strengths. He particularly advised women professionals to behave well in their offices and place of duty to attract God’s favour. This he said, is because, until you please God, He will not announce you.

The Chief Worker went on: “So, always ask yourself, is God pleased with you, your office, your house, your community, your marriage? When men pity you, they put you in a pit, they put you down; but when God pities you, He lifts you up, out of the valley, out of the pit.’

Turning to the guest worshippers, he asked; “Women accountants, I hope in your homes, your husbands are still the heads? Give God a chance in your profession, your home, and your entire life. Ask God to come in and take over. Let God lead and rule in your job, at SWAN, and everywhere. When God is in charge of your affairs, no matter whoever is president of Nigeria, your economy will continue to go well.”

The man of God prayed fervently for the female accountants and asked them to mark the day they knelt before God at the Alter of Eleutheria Ministries (Eleutheria is Latin and Greek meaning liberation and freedom, he explained).

In an interview after the thanksgiving, SWAN chairperson, Mrs Nwachukwu, described the outing as a very fulfilling one. “Today we are really excited because we have been in the presence of God Almighty for that He has been doing for us over the years. As we have thanked our God, we are optimistic of success and victories in 2019”

On what is uppermost in their minds for 2019, she said: “Life is the hottest request in our hearts because without life you can’t go far. Only the living can achieve success. If baby comes but mother dies, its of no use. There are some of our women that are not yet married, or without children, we are taking it as a task to pray for them this year. There are those working very hard but getting little rewards. This year, God will turn it around. Some do not even have jobs. Until God connects you, you are suffering for nothing. We do not want big work with little pay. It is God (not just big certificates) that will do it’.

Supporting, the vice chairperson, Mrs Ngozi Dorcas Umelo, also a fellow, explained that SWAN was formed to add value to the society by singling out the girl-child and promoting everything concerning her. “Women are marginalized all over the world but if you train a woman, you train a nation. We are here to thank God which we do yearly. Success is not by might but by God’s grace. We are proud that our chairperson is the wife of the General overseer of this church, Eleutheria Ministries. It is right to be here.”

The professional women were seen departing in joy and apparent fulfillment to their various homes, now ready to face 2019 with full confidence that the Holy Spirit alone gives to those who sought the face of God on their way to battle.