World Cup: Saudi Arabia not perturbed by heavy loss


Many Nigerians and international football analysts seem to weep for Saudi Arabia without caring if the Saudis were in pains. This is a country that is used to taking 8-0 in the world cup.

Their main objective seems to be to make it to the global soccer fiesta, and that seems to have been achieved. There are many top countries and super stars that did not make it there.

Some are complaining that the Russians were over jubilating for scoring against Saudi Arabia. They may not understand that a goal in the World Cup is a big piece of history. It does not matter who you scored against, and when the golden boot is to be handed down, its about number of goals, not quality of goals.

Nigeria must avoid bashing


Many analysts no longer know what to predict about Nigeria. Right now, the only person in the world that still has an iota of optimism that Nigeria would post any victory could perhaps be the coach, with, maybe, the captain (Mikel Obi).

The many who were basking in optimism after the qualifiers seem to have withdrawn to the shells after the losses ahead of the main event. The coach says the losses did not matter but the silence that greets that analogy seems huge. He says he was testing other formations but that Nigeria would play Nigerian style. Mikel Obi agrees with him.

Nigerians are waiting, but some pessimists say the team has no stake in the fiesta, though a predicting pig has pitched Nigeria and Argentina in the semi-final. The pig may be deceived by the Super Eagles popularity in dresses and kits.