AGIP gets shut-down threat across Niger Delta region


Nigeria Agip After 21 days of thorough consultations, with well over 120 community based organizations, community leaders and youth groups in the Niger Delta,over the disregard and total disrespect of our people in the region, extant laws and institutions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by Nigeria Agip Oil Company(NAOC); The Niger Delta Activist Forum hereby depose to the following;

1) That the 2014/2015 NAOC host communities junior production technicians recruitment exercise in line with extant industry laws is a right and not a privilege granted to the host communities.

And therefore, NAOC should immediately induct and integrate the successful applicants within a fortnight.

2) That the uncomely and very divisive conducts of NAOC are a direct assault  on the economic well being of the Niger Delta people and a monumental afront on community and national security.

3) That NAOC at different arbitration fora has admitted to her guilt and deliberate failure in complying with (1) above, yet refuses to correct their wrong.

4) That failure on the part of NAOC to comply with the fourteen days ultimatum given herein;we shall commence a total and complete shut down of all NAOC flow stations and oil production facilities within our communities.

b) That (1) and (5) above have only become unavoidable having explored all options of dialogue but constantly frustrated by NAOC.

5) We hereby call on all Niger Delta people to boycott all NAOC products and severe dealings, with this avowed enemy of our people at the end of this ultimatum; while  advising, that the right things be done and quickly so, to avert the inevitable extreme position that our people have been forced to assume.

6) Lastly but most importantly, we thank His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari, for graciously signing the “not too young to run bill” into law.

This is a historic landmark achievement, geared towards youth empowerment and inclusion and not even the worst of onslaughts from anti-youth progressive agents like NAOC can reverse it.