APC chieftain berates Wike on mass arrest over curfew while Lagos cautions offenders


APC chieftain, Eze Chukwuemaka Eze, has released a text which he said a citizen sent to him over mass arrests, detention in crowded cells and prosecution of offenders with federal imposition of curfew while Lagos with state shutdown and federal curfew has no single arrest.

Read for yourself, he says:

“By the striking revelation of the Lagos State Commissioner of Police on Channels Television on April 1, 2020, that there is no single arrest so far in the state, it shows that leadership in that state is way ahead of what is happening in many other states.

The CP said at the moment, his men are using advocacy; they educate those found on the streets and let them know why government said they should not be on the streets anymore. The policemen let them know it is not due to hatred or wickedness but out of love and out of a determination to protect them. The people agree and go home.

This must be how the Governor asked them to do it.

Also, the state government provides alternative actions; they allow food stores to operate, they create markets, they allow food processing and delivery to continue but not for people to gather at restaurants. They make these things clear. They seem to think through their orders before they issue them. The security agencies were asked to go to the boundary to resolve cases of people being stranded at the boundaries. This is leadership.

Now, Lagos which has been in lockdown for two weeks and now with full FG curfew, has recorded no arrest. Police is still using advocacy.  PH with illegal curfew and without federal order to go into any curfew already has over 100 detainees right now at the State CID. They have already been taken to court. The large crowd of detainees are already a threat and a full breach of the same crowding the government claimed to be avoiding. Go to the State CID and see. Many allegedly slept outside. Hmmm.”

Pls, on a very serious note, we need to pray for Rivers State to avoid the doom that awaits the State occasioned by the same government that says it is fighting the Virus.

The Governor should please order the release even on bail of all those detained. You are rather incubating Coranavirus. The police community is already scared and threatened.

Note that the Human Rights community in the state is debunking the order of the governor because his broadcast said dusk to dawn, meaning evening to morning. That is why many persons came out in the day. Many did not hear when the Commissioner of Information tried to clarify it later in the day.