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cab-hailing drivers reject Bolt’s new driver hub in Lagos

Paul Emeka Chimodo

Cab-hailing drivers in Lagos have strongly disapproved of Bolt’s newly launched driver hub in Lekki. The drivers described the initiative as an attempt by the ride-hailing company to divide further and deal with drivers individually, which contrasts the spirit of collective bargaining.

Technext reported that Bolt, on Monday, established a new driver engagement hub in Lagos. The purpose of this hub, according to the e-hailing company, is to enhance its driver-partners experience in its area of operations.

Bolt Nigeria Country Manager, Yahaya Mohammed said the driver hub will enhance the quality of service drivers will experience. These services include improved driver support, effective communication channels, training opportunities, community building, issue resolution, driver appreciation, positive branding etc.

Reacting to this development, drivers who spoke to Silvernews said the driver hub is just another ploy by the company to take advantage of the sorry plight of drivers, fragment their union and prevent them from organizing as one powerful force.

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