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Chief Tony Okocha issues fresh alert

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The caretaker committee chairman of the Rivers State council of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Tony Okocha, has raised fresh alert over state of affairs in Rivers State. 

Chief Okocha on June 25, 2024, issued a newsletter in which he reiterated that the state was sitting on a keg of gunpowder. 

He pointed to the seal off of the LGA secretariats and asked the people to decide if it was normal. 

Both the APC and the state government have said it was not normal but each blames the other for causing it. The former local council chairman and other persons close to Okocha have started protests saying it was in support of the seal off, but at the same time, Okocha has said it is not normal. 

Okocha also asked if it was normal for people to brandish weapons on the streets. Persons in both camps have however been seen brandishing weapons and persons have been shot dead in both rallies. 

In his newsletter, Okocha asked if it was normal to live in a state with fear. He has asked the governor to withdraw his statement that ‘jungle has matured’. 

Saying development has stalled, Okocha said that most big airlines have stopped flying to the Port Harcourt International Airport and that people now sneak to Imo and Akwa Ibom states to fly out of the state.  

He said it was the responsibility of the state governor (Fubara) to engage federal authorities to resolve whatever problem led to such anomaly. 

Okocha stated: “Take it to the bank that the looming war with clear and manifest indices of war in Rivers State has the proponents and antagonists, all of the PDP. The APC is not involved”.   

What he many understand is that 27 lawmakers that defected to the APC and are now denying their action are all in PDP; the 23 local council chairmen and their councilors that do not want to leave office and are marching round the state are all PDP. The FCT Minister who is believed to be fighting the battles is also PDP. 

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