Cinfores takes school to homes in giant step


* Unveils BrainFriend to help learning without classroom

  • Schools can now run online-offline methods
  • Cinfores says BrainFriend EduConnect guarantees 100 per cent chance of excellent grades

By Codratus Godson

Homes have been hunting for school to attend, but now, school will move to homes, This is the reverse technology innovation just unveiled in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


Schools anywhere in the world especially in Nigeria can now easily operate without full contact lessons and still obtain 100 per cent excellent grades that may amaze teachers and parents. The brains behind the system said even before covid-19, other problems plagued the education system, and this has simply just worsened.

A system with a digital technology that can perform this feat has been unveiled in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital to a select-group top educationists, school owners and university administrators.

Cinfores, the developers of BrainFriend Edu-Connect, said the system has 70,000 questions and answers with solving processes, animated videos to demonstrate to students, study groups, digital classrooms and many other offerings that most schools now rush for.

Already, previous versions of BrainFriend have sold to two million license holders for five million students, according to the director of administration and human resources, Ikechi Nwogu.

Nwogu revealed that the system has been deployed fully in some states and is now nationwide with two million licenses for over five million students. Giving a background, he said: “BrainFriend was conceived 19 years ago (2002) and in April 2003, the first product was created.It is Nigeria’s foremost educational innovation. We compiled questions from 1978 with 10 subjects, 300 questions, then 1000 questions solved in details.

“It began with being sold in compact discs (CDs) in the streets The aim was to stop exam malpractice. It was a thinking born during strike in the universities. It was a task of converting books to digital form, from initial 300 questions to 3000 and then to 70,000 today.

“We moved from providing answers now to showing working to teach the how. By 2005, the company was incorporated and other products followed. There was a Rivers Science and Tech exhibition and we got linked to top leaders in the world of academics especially vice chancellors.

“Abuja launch took place in 2007 with 25,000 questions and in 2014, another launch took place in Port Harcourt. Then, the volume increased to 30,000 questions and answers. We went from being a question bank to a virtual classroom system. Now we have teaching videos, then a virtual classroom.”

Ikechi said Cinfores has created school without walls; learning without limits. We created scholarship and employment testing system and developed questions in 47 subjects. Anambra became the first state to achieve full deployment. From 2018 to 2019, we carried out national deployment.”

He said the system gives 100 per cent chance of excellent grade in exam from primary to tertiary institutions. He said; “Learn better, get better grades. It is now in Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. Now, 70,000 questions have been solved, 25,000 definitions and formulae have been treated. It has games, notes, study groups, assignments, etc. Counseling session, videos for different classes for different subjects. Its so much form. Now, we are fully involved in e-learning. Every teacher and child has an account. Some students have their own devices to work at home. If you have not installed this in your school, you are still missing. You will be amazed. Its now in platinum version with entrepreneurial studies; easy to use notes and animation. All FG agencies have approved BrainFriend. It is deployed in all 104 Unity Schools, over 1000 public and 500 private schools.

Now, the 2020 version called BrainFriend EduConnection is here”.

One of their early motivators, the professor of veterinary and then vice chancellor of the then University of Science and Technology (now Rivers State University) is Bariname B. Fakae.

Fakae said: “I met them at an exhibition in 2004 when I was Rector of the Polytechnic, Bori (now, Ken Saro Wiwa Polytechnic). They displayed CDs on the floor and explained how they worked and how they could provide some solutions in education. I decided to help and encourage them and so, asked them over to the poly to see how their work could help me stamp out exam malpractice there by having exams online. They are exemplary militants and it was good to join them. I saw they were militants of goodwill.”

A school proprietress added a voice “We now have videos of classes in action, as a component. It now has A-Level questions in some subjects especially in the sciences. School can set exams other than the ones set by Cinfores in the system. You can be stored in the teachers account. There is device for students to study at home.”

Welcoming the guests to what he called the Cinfores campus to unveil the latest version of Nigeria’s foremost e-learning and examination preparatory software – BrainFriend, the CEO, Ibifuro Asawo, said the long has brought forth innovations that have added value to the education sector and other sectors of the economy.

He said; “Today, we have come to show the world what technology can do to improve teaching and learning in our schools in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. This solution is indigenous and tailored to handle most of the challenges faced in our education sector.

“Before the pandemic, we had challenges such as the lack of qualified teachers, infrastructural materials, properly equipped schools and lots more; the pandemic has further compounded these challenges by adding the need to observe the COVID-19 protocol as our schools prepare to resume.

“Truth be told, only technology can give us the leverage we require as a country to provide access to quality education to over 40 million school-aged children in Nigeria. Cinfores BrainFriend has been playing this role of providing such quality education to Nigerians in the last decade and we have not rested on our oars. That is why today, we have invited you to join us as we unveil the future of education in Nigeria and Africa – post-pandemic.

“The presentation is not just a show of technology, innovation and creativity; it is also a show of the courage and resilience of Nigerian youths coming together to forge a cause – the cause of making Nigeria’s education world-class. Although we are predominantly from the Niger Delta, we are a blend of the finest Nigerian youths poised to change the narrative of the Niger Delta region and the country at large.

“The story behind the new product celebrates the Nigerian youth’s audacity to bring about a positive change. I celebrate all Cinforesers and our partners for this feat.

“It is on this note, with pleasure that I unveil the 2020 version of BrainFriend elearning and exam preparatory software known as BrainFriend eduConnect to the public for the use of all schools in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Thanks, and God bless! “

He said a bonus has started running for schools that would register in the first one month. “All Schools across Nigeria are given a free one-month subscription with full customization, beginning from today until the end of the year. To enjoy this promotion schools are encouraged to log on to:; select the school registration menu; complete the form to register as a partner school; your school will be setup for free; training will be given to your staff for free; and you can join the list of schools experiencing education at a new level.”