Communities are easy to work with if companies are ready – High Chief Sunny Nkpe

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My name is High Chief Sunny Nkpe, the Emeri Era 1 of Alesa community, and chairman and group zonal chairman and patron for System E.

On efforts by Mayor of Housing to promote peace and security:

The youths briefed me of this very programme as part of activities for the end of year carnival and stuff like that. So, that is why I am here. Its starting late because it’s a night carnival.

I have seen walkie-talkies and different security gadgets. The youths have informed me that they intend to double their efforts about synergizing or putting up a synergy with the security agencies to secure the community and that Mayor of Housing has assured or promised of partnering with them.

I didn’t take it to be this serious until I came in here now. So, I am very happy now. I am a business man; I am a founder and CEO and chairman of companies and what we always say is the communities especially our community is very easy to manage. If only the investors and the companies will understand how to partner with communities in areas of social responsibility.

What we have seen here is a testimony of the fact that this Mayor of Housing whose caps are being put on by everybody here is desirous of remaining relevant to the good image of this community by providing these gadgets.

We want to thank him and appreciate him for this initiative. I have also been informed that they also supported this carnival. I made a massive donation yesterday (December 29, 2023) to the youths, toward the carnival, too.

You can see that the youths are actively ready to deploy this equipment and I want to thank the management of the Construction & Housing Mayor Limited represented by the Mayor of Housing for this equipment.

I want to thank him for this very gesture. We want to request that every other company operating in the housing sector in the new Alesa development zone which people now call ‘Banana Island’ to emulate this model. We want to encourage others to learn and follow suit from what has been done today by the Mayor of Housing so that at the end of it, there will be company-community partnership. I always say that it’s very easy partnering with community in any project only if the companies understand that little support to the community will go a long way in fostering conduciveness and coalition and synergy that will bring about development, prosperity, and employment for all.

I will not end this without acknowledging and congratulating my boss, His Royal Highness, Emperor JD Nkpe, Eh Alesa 10th, the Paramount Ruler, for providing a conducive environment for investors to flood this community.

No meaningful development will take place without peace and stability. When there is peace, it’s a recipe and prerequisite for development, for investors to troop to your area and to that community. What will happen will be what we call ripple effect, progress, enhancement, empowerment and the youths will be engaged.

I want to also commend everybody doing development in that place because most of the youths here have been engaged in one way or the other there. An idle mind, they say, is the devil’s workshop (or tool).

Today, I have been having testimonies of the youths being engaged there and I have advised the youth leaders to continue with synergy. What we need is peace. What we need is collaboration for greater peace and prosperous Alesa Eleme Community in Rivers State and Nigeria.

To the Youths:

Comrade Nwafor is the President-General of the Alesa Eleme Community and thus the youth leader of this community. Whatever you do with this him is binding on everybody. If you do anything different from this man, you are on your own.

So, this gesture is a profound one. You and your executives and security team should utilize these gadgets very well.

The synergy with the security agencies will yield support in providing peace, security, and stability to this land.

May god help you all in your endeavours. Amen.

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