David Mark, in Lokoja, flies ‘Project 730’ to turn Nigeria’s economy around in 24 months


* Calls it ‘Project 730’

Former senate president, David Mark, whose tenure at the senate seemed the longest and most stable, says he has a blueprint that can turn Nigeria’s economy around for good. Mark spoke in Lokoja when he visited Kogi State on his nationwide tour to PDP delegates. He said he would hand the economy in the hands of experts who truely know how to turn it around in just two years

His proposed economic model he termed ‘Project 730’ would be anchored by young professionals selected from all parts of the country.

The three terms senator disclosed this to journalists in Lokoja shortly after a meeting with delegates in continuation of his nationwide consultations for his presidential ambition.
Speaking further on the economy of the nation that has nosedived, he said the true reflection of an improved economy can be noticed from all corners of the country when put into motion.

Benue born Mark said: “We will reinvigorate so many things differently. When we put our process motion the woman who is selling groundnut on the roadside will feel the impact. That is when you will know that the economy has changed.  Not when you and I think that it has changed; and not by mere statistics or mere indices that are being churned out. It will be practically demostrated and the people will feel. Persons in the street will feel there is a change in the economy of this country.
A team of very young boys and girls who are neck deep into the research and who understand the economy of this country will handle it.”

Mark lamented that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) lacked the expertise needed to adequately reflate the economy enough to attract foreign investors and provide jobs to our teaming youths

He promised to cooperate with any candidate that emerged regardless of which part of the country he comes from so long as he emerged through transparent and credible process acceptable to all members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking also on the part of the country he is coming from (Middle Belt), the PDP presidential aspirant stated that the core north should support him because they have also supported the core north during their time.

He said “The core north should support me because we have also supported the core north.  It is the give and take spirit.  And we are talking about Nigeria.  It is not about one section of this country.  So if I don’t have the national support of this country to be honest I will not want to be president of a section.  I want to be president of a country called Nigeria, a united Nigeria, an indivisible Nigeria.  So the core north , core south,  whatever,  whoever the core should also make sure that they support me because we have also supported them even from all parts of this country”

On consensus, Mark said it is left for the party and the aspirants to decide, saying the important thing there is that whoever that emerges must emerge from a process that is transparent.

He said that the political class must cooperate to fight the future of the country. The senator added:” I am contesting the presidential election because I can make a positive difference for the good of the nation”.