Disaster caused by Task Force at Upper Iweka traps travellers till night


* Task Force drives impounded truck, crushes colleagues, hits other vehicles

* Truckers block all roads demanding for Gov Obiano’s presence

By Kasarachi Azuka, Asaba

Tragic disaster is sitting right now in Onitsha, Anambara State, spilling to Asaba in Delta State. Travellers are trapped all day and night following the crushing to death of three Task Force men by their colleague who forcefully took over the steering of a truck and drove behind his colleagues in another car.

At the moment, there is no road in or out of Upper Iweka, the interchange and connecting point to the West, North and South-East.


There’s no road because  trailer/truck drivers blocked the entire Onitsha/Asaba Expressway in protest of attack on one of their members, by Gov  Obiano’s task officials. Sadly too, the attack was a funny situation where four members of the taskforce even plunged themselves to death.

Reports said the genesis of the matter was that four members of Gov Willie Obiano’s Task Force demanded for vehicle emblems from a truck-driver whose truck was laden with container. The said driver presented all the vehicle emblems  they demanded for, yet they still did not let him go.  They insisted on taking him to their office in Onitsha and confiscated the truck from him.

 Eye witness account said one of the officials dragged him down from the vehicle and asked him, “Are you the only one that knows how to drive a truck? I too can drive. I know how to drive because I also used to truck.

At that point, eyewitness account said the said official entered the truck and took over the steering and began to drive while the other three officials occupied their own vehicle (a car) and were heading to their office in Onitsha.

The source said that on reaching Upper Iweka, the official driving the truck tried to climb up the fly-over but couldn’t make it t as his efforts ended up in the truck crashing into the car being driven by his fellow officials and even destroying the protecting bars built by the Anambra State Government under the Upper Iweka Fly-Over. All the three occupants of the car (taskforce officials were reported dead and their corpses trapped inside the car as the truck with it’s container is heaped on them.

The source said a commercial bus with two occupants (driver and his conductor) was also knocked into nearby big gutter, by the truck driven by the officials and they sustained  minor injuries, but other sources said that the truck with it’s container also crashed on a commercial bus with five occupants, fueling the suspicion that all of them may have died in the bus.

The more painful scenario is that Governor Obiano was yet to show up as at yesterday evening as sources said he had been out of the country on medical trip.

Road users are passing through hell as truck drivers used their heavy-duty trucks to block the entire expressway in protest of the ill-treatment melted out on one of their own, as they are said to be claiming damages because even the affected truck was seriously damaged.

As at 9pm yesterday,  the protest had caused traffic-gridlock spilling through the Niger Bridge, taking over more parts of Asaba highway in Delta State.

Reports said truck-drivers have insisted that none of the dead bodies would be removed unless Governor Obiano appears.

People who have seen the scene of the accident said only a crain could be used to remove the truck before the corpses could be accessed and be brought out.

Meanwhile, both the business community in Delta State, who depend on Onitsha Market are finding it extremely difficult to go and buy products/wares to restock their shops and businesses.

Travellers are stuck in the middle of their journey the development.

Vehicles that drove one-way lane to Onitsha couldn’t find way to come back to Delta State. Some commercial bus conductors even had to engage their passengers in a fight when the passengers got infuriated that they were dumped in the middle of the road despite N400 that had been collected from each person as transport fare instead of N150. 

With the development, many commercial vehicles who are already aware of the chaotic situation have gone on holiday waiting for the troubled road to free again. Only God knows the date of those are travelling from far away states.