Fertilizer and Indorama in Covid-19 times


* Average of 90 trucks or 54,000 bags leave the plant complex daily

Despite the Covid-19 disruptions, Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals Limited said they steadily produced fertilizer (urea) and supplied to willing farmers all through the period and till now.

The Corporate Affairs Manager, Jossy Nkkwocha, told BusinessDay Tuesday, July 7, 2020, the fertilizer plant did not shut down despite the lockdown. Instead, he maintained, it was the petrochemical plant that had to shut down.

He said the fertilizer plant enjoyed special attention from the federal and Rivers State government in the way of permits for workers and trucks to come and go.

An average of 90 trucks load at Indorama at Eleme every day taking away 54,000 bags of 50kg fertilizers. He said the plant was able and ready to meet all demands but said any decline would be due to drop in demand.

It was gathered northern state governments have solid arrangements to help procure fertilizer and deliver to their states for local distribution to paying farmers. Such arrangement seems to be lacking in eastern and western states where the farmers are at the mercy of private business people in the issue of procurement.

That explain why fertilizer sells for N10,000 in nearby Imo State because there is no government interface in the procurement.

Northern state governments are said to have special advisers and attaches in charge of fertilizer procurement at Indorama and liaise with farmers who book in advance while the state governments handle the rest. The trucks are escorted fro Eleme to the various states and warehoused for distribution to local government areas and then to farmers.

The distributors in the eastern region find their way to Eleme and wade through numerous obstacles including community checkpoints and touts. This seems to expose the level of interest shown in agriculture in each zone of Nigeria and the farm output they record.