Group warns Jonathan against 2013 temptations

  • Avoid any scheme that would divide South-South and South East

A political pressure group mainly from the south east has advised the ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan, not to allow those described as political jobbers to push him into 2023 debacle. Their grouse seems to be that Jonathan’s entry into the 2023 presidential race would cause problems in the south.

The leader of the Integrity Group which is known to be a group in the All Progressives Congress (APC) pressing for a president from the East warned against subtle moves to detroy any chances of getting a president from the south-east this time around.

In an open letter to Jonathan signed Chinedu Jideofo-Ogbuagu (PhD), leader of Integrity Group, the ex-president was advised to read between the lines because people are reading his moves, too.

Ogbuagu holds a doctorate in Maritime Policy and was a consultant to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) where he advised 77 3rd world countries and developed the Cardifff Free Port, and developed the NMA that is now NIMASA

The expert who is also the president, Marine Club of Nigeria, told Jonathan thus: “I see that “Ebele” and “Azikiwe” are surreptitiously making their way back to the mainstream of your name. My instinctive reaction to this observed development is: ‘Here he goes again! And I would not now be surprised if you too started dressing up in “ishiagu” and “red cap” attire for another stunt.

“You indeed remind me of your “father” you acquired only after the Nigerian masses had defied their 2009-2011 machinations and voted you in as president, the man who stepped aside in 1993 hoping to step back in some day.

“Unknown to many, even as you were handing over to Gen Muhammadu Buhari on 29th May 2015, you were already scheming to step back in. Several times from 2015, you flew the kite of returning to “complete” a second term, but some of us shot it down while others simply ignored your pranks.

“In 2019, you actually wanted to become presidential candidate of PDP, but, contrary to your expectation, no one was ready to beg you, and you did not want to push for it regardless.

“Perhaps angered by how PDP had disregarded you ahead of 2019, you started looking at APC in respect of 2023. Your first real chance of taking a leap into APC came after Governor Seriake Dickson-led PDP in your state had largely ignored you and David Lyon surprisingly became governor-elect on APC platform.

“It was clear to any close observer when you received Lyon in your Otuoke country home that you were gearing up to reconcile with Timipre Sylva and use David Lyon and APC to get back at Dickson and the PDP.

But, David Lyon, too, became an uncompleted project and a reminder of your uncompleted projects in Bayelsa (when you were governor) and in Nigeria (when you were acting president and president). Since Lyon did not become sworn in as governor, you became increasingly desperate, but you exhibited characteristic coyness about your “stepping back in” scheming.”

Ogbuagu said he did not have much time to do a lengthy letter advised Jonathan ‘as a brother’ not to give in to the poisoned chalice rumoured to be dangled before him by desperate, selfish, conceited and unpatriotic “friends”.

He went on: “Friends” is in inverted commas because they are not your friends at all; in the same manner that Sambo Dasuki, Aliyu Gusau, Hassan Tukur, etc were not your friends, but two things pressed you to ignore the obvious fact when you were president. Those today deceiving you are schemers, greedy fellows, users and dumpers; they are treacherous individuals who don’t mean well for Nigeria and would do anything to grab yet misuse and abuse political power for their selfish purposes.

“I don’t want to talk about how you collaborated with Alams’ political enemies while pretending otherwise; I don’t want to talk about how you used billions of naira belonging to Bayelsa State to scheme for running mate to Umaru Musa Yar’Adua while you feigned non-interest in becoming Vice President; I don’t want to talk about the role of my South-East4Jonathan group in your becoming Acting President and President; I don’t want to talk about the hundreds of thousands of mainly young Nigerians that you and Stella Odua used in Neighbour2Neighbour in 2010/2011 and dumped immediately you won the 2011 election; I don’t want to talk about the deal you entered into not to contest for presidency in 2015 but which you characteristically reneged on; etc.

“All I want to say to you is that you should desist from scheming to become president in 2023 while making it seem as if it is other persons persuading you on what is clearly an evil plot hatched by evil-minded individuals.

“Imagine being linked to a scheme that would divide South-East and South-South, something that would mean presidential power returning to the North after only four years, something being supported by people whose grounds are that you are pliable and malleable, that you would serve only their interests and would not “rock the boat” – whatever they mean by this arrogant and born-to-rule posture.”

The maritime expert said if that evil rumour persisted, both South-East and South-South would be disappointed in Jonathan as a person. “They will know that you desire to reward the South-East with betrayal, and that you want to exchange eight years of developmental presidency for another likely to be wasted four years.

“If you don’t want to go down in history in bad legacy, support a South-Easterner to succeed Buhari from 29th May 2023. By so doing, you will have paid the South-East back for the massive support the zone gave you from 2007 to 2015, and you will have helped to cement South-East/South-South bond seen since that period.

“But if you fall to that poisoned chalice being dangled before you, be sure that most South-East and South-South people will distance themselves from you and you may be affected politically. Chief Edwin Clark might be the first to tell you this to your face.

“Look carefully before you leap. Do not become once again a victim of political jobbers who would want you to believe that they own Nigeria and would make you president without people support. You lost in 2015 essentially because of that trick that made you to disregard the masses of Nigeria who made you president in 2011. Don’t fall for that gimmick again”.