Harvesters Int’l Christian Centre institutes $10,000 for best idea to solve a social problem in Africa


By Codratus Godson

A fast-rising Christian organization has made a huge stake in solving Africa’s problems, apparently to agree with an American president who predicted that Africa’s brains will find solution to Africa’s problems. Now, the Centre has set aside huge sums to trigger thinking in African heads to tackle African headaches.


Any African young person with unique and innovative idea that can solve any of the social problems bedeviling Africa would get $10,000 to pursue it. This was the bombshell that dropped out at the weekend when held its programme which was hosted in various cities of Nigeria including Port Harcourt by satellite system.

It was coordinated by the convener and Senior Pastor of Harvesters International Christian Centre, Bolaji Idowu, who announced the prize of $10,000 for anyone with the best solution to a social problem on the continent. He also announced a name change for the programme. It would now be called African Entrepreneurship Forum.

The Senior Pastor said the programme was so well attended that it overshot the envisaged number of attendees. He disclosed that over 6000 participants registered for the programme which took place in multiple locations. He emphasized the objective of the event as a deliberate focus at tackling poverty and unemployment through entrepreneurship.

He said the time had come for Nigerians to take their destiny in their hands.

Corroborating what Herbert Wigwe, the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive of Access Bank, who was the theme speaker at Forum [HEF2020] earlier said, the Senior Pastor emphasized that the future of work presents incredible opportunities as well as overwhelming challenges and tremendous complexities.

Similarly, proliferation of technology, democratization of information, evolution of global demographics and social psychology as well as artificial intelligence and robotics were tendered as redefining how we work, where we work and the skills we need to have to guarantee a fulfilling job.

He opined that clearly, there are massive shifts and disruptions across industries, cultures, all around us beyond the workplace. To survive in this dispensation as humans working within organisations as entrepreneurs as well as outside of formal organisations as full time entrepreneurs, we must as a matter of necessity embrace and stay true to the core attributes of passion, competence, commitment, excellence, leadership, focus, innovation, relationships, continuous personal improvement through reading and other forms of exposure and most irrevocably hard work. These remain timeless ingredients for wealth creation and sustenance, the cleric said.

He therefore enjoined the participants to make the most of the opportunity given to them and ensure that they would continue to practice what they must have gleaned from the speakers at the conference.

Idowu said Africans in other parts of the continent would have the advantage of participating in the next programme as they would be included for the first time.