INEC says no training in the North on e-voting


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has debunked rumours that the Commission was training northerners on electronic voting. INEC’S Head of Department, Voter Education and Publicity in Rivers State, Mr. Edwin Enabor, said e-voting has not even been signed into law, though the bill has been passed. Thus, he could not see how INEC would vote funds and begin training for something that was not yet approved by law.

Mr. Enabor however confirmed that preparations for 2019 were in earnest. He made it clear that the INEC in Rivers State was not carrying out nor was it aware of any ongoing training on electronic voting.

Instead, he said; “Work is ongoing. In all other sections, preparations are already in earnest in the office. Training is going on and in the various aspects of the election training. Materials are being sent in, so everybody is working.

“But we have not commenced that (electronic voting training). Are we doing electronic voting yet? It has been passed but not signed to law. If it is done in the north, it is not by INEC; so we don’t have anything like that going on here.

Mr. Enabor said system-related failures being experienced are mostly network-related and not within the purview of INEC’s control.

“You and I know that nobody has control over any system. A system can fail at anytime, and definitely, it doesn’t take them time before they restore it. Anything that cannot be handled immediately in the field, the officials bring them back to the office and we rectify them. But most of the time, those failures they are talking about are basically network failures that are not really in control of INEC. It happens everywhere a computer is used,” he said.