IPPA wants Wike to allow regulated essential services in lockdown



A group, the Independent Professional Printers and Publishers Association
(IPPPA), Rivers State, has appealed for what it calls regulated and authorized activity of essential services in the state..

The group in a statement in Port Harcourt Monday, April 27, 2020, said as a concerned organization in the state, which also is affected by the various lifesaving policies of the state government, IPPPA is of the view that a regulated authorization of essential activities in parts of Port Harcourt will be far less harmful than a total lockdown
in those areas.

The group represented by its leaders, Alphonsus Nkanang, Anthony Amadi and Emmanuel Ojukwu, said this would  better address the humanitarian and welfare needs of the people. It is, however, our candid advice that the masses should endeavour to adhere to government directives in order not to attract stern measures from the authorities in response to perceived disobedience.

The full statement said: “On the palliatives given by the state government, we want to thank the Governor and his team for the laudable efforts in putting this measure
in place, though there were initial problems bordering on distributions, coordination and monitoring to make sure that the items reached the target audience. We are also aware that these anomalies were quickly noticed by the Governor and a promise to address them has already been made.

”While we commend the Governor for expanding the membership of the state palliatives committee, we also call on him to work out better modalities for the expanded committee to reach out to the masses with fewer flaws.

”Further to this, we call on His Excellency to consider the interest of some vital sectors in the state such as the printing sector, which is not represented in the palliatives committee but whose means of livelihood has been grossly affected by the ban on several social and
official activities.

”As a responsible association, we assure the government and people of Rivers State of our continuous support in the fight against the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic. We take the responsibility to sensitize our members and, by extension, the general public on the preventive measures available from government, The National Centre for Disease
Control (NCDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).  We are also calling on the Federal Government of Nigeria to urgently see how to partner with the State Government in combating this dreaded disease.”

The IPPPA commended Gov Nyesom Wike on efforts to fight the Corona Virus pandemic (COVID-19), and congratulated the governor on the pragmatic steps he has taken so far to prevent the spread of the ravaging virus into the state.

”Your Excellency, it is our observation that you blazed the trail on territorial lockdown, as a result of which Rivers State was spared the early spread of the disease.”