Is Wike among the prophets?


– As Gov Wike goes to Winners Chapel to win again

(First used in BD Sunday)

The man standing in the middle of one of the largest church auditoriums in Port Harcourt some weeks ago was Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State. Winners Chapel is one of the biggest churches in the Garden City, with an expansive and imposing auditorium on Kaduna Street near the Fruit Garden Market (close to the Catholic Cathedral). Those who knew Wike heard his familiar voice but those who knew their God heard the voice of the Psalmist across Psalm 92: through verses one to five. There, it was proclaimed that ‘It is good to thank the lord.’

Wike is not the pastor of the church that David Oyedepo founded decades ago. The pastor in charge of Rivers State is rgather Isaac Folaji, but Wike acquired the ordained right to read the scriptute to the congregation, and so well that many wondered if he was also among the prophets.

If most political opposition members do not respect Gov Wike new-found love for the church and Christianity, his bitterest opponent, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the former governor, is not one. He warned his All Progressives Congress (APC) family in Rivers State at the onset of Wike’s romance with the church to follow him and do so. His argument was that God was so merciful that He could easily forgive anyone who truly sought for him and grant the former sinner’s request. Amaechi once went to God in his own days of travails and God answered him through some prophets. He was not comfortable with Wike’s fierce fall into the body of Christ in the state.

So, on this Sunday morning, Wike dragged almost who is who in Rivers State to the Living Faith Church (aka Winners Chapel) to thank God for three solid years in office contrary to the expectations of most Nigerians. When the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to which Wike belonged lost the 2015 presidential election, most persons pitied Wike, believing he would lose the state. He won. The APC went to the tribunal and Wike lost. He continued the losing spree until the Supreme Court said he won. It was shocking. The apex court rejected the reliance on the card reader and thus threw out APC’s petition on the ground that what the manual voting system turned in was what the electoral law then permitted because the electronic system was not known to the electoral act. This was at a time when other PDP persons lost their cases and reruns were ordered.

Wike escaped the trap and won. The APC had banked on a repeat which never came. To prove their hope real, most others whose elections were repeated lost. This is why Wike showed profuse thankfulness to God and to those he said helped him to victory. Amaechi may be right. Wike is now the rallying point of the Christian family in Rivers State and beyond, just as he is also the voice of the opposition in Nigeria.

At the end of Folaji’s exhortation and teaching, Wike mounted the rostrum again and taught politics and religion. He greeted the former first lady and made it clear that Goodluck Jonathan, the modern Azikiwe, is the symbol of unity in Nigeria, recalling how the then sitting president broke record by being the first president to lose to a challenge and also the first major presidential loser to concede and congratulate his opponent.

Wike: Come and see with your eyes

Wike moved into his other sermon and talked about one man (Amaechi) who, on May 27, said, ‘let’s see where they will get money to pay salaries, let alone do projects.’ Rivers State had crashed from N25Bn per month to as low as N6Bn when salaries and overhead were up to N9Bn. Amaechi must have felt that staying afloat would be a miracle. The governor said; “I therefore called on God and entreated Him thus; if it is you that put us here, show yourself. Indeed, he has shown Himself.”

First, Wike revealed, “We handed the state to the Creator. Now, I owe no apology to anyone, Rivers State is a Christian State. So, we are born to win and to reign; we are no ordinary person. We are destined for greatness. My joy is this: while other states are commissioning wheelbarrows (Benue?), we are inviting people to come and commission real projects. Those who do not see them are simply not seeing well. If God has given you eyes and you say you don’t see, may you never see again. It’s not a curse.”

At this point, clerics began to shift in their chairs. Wike is on the podium. The governor must have caught himself. He said; “We are here to thank God.” His next line of talk could have explained his outburst. “If you see the extent of attack on us, you will only thank God.”

He went on: “Before we came, killing and kidnapping were the other of the day. We ran for help, they said no. Why I chose Winners Chapel is because the bishop, Oyedepo, is one of those praying for this government. He invited me and told me something. Everything he told me is manifesting. So, I come to thank God.”

The governor charged on: “As FG refused to give us support, we prayed to God. Then, trouble enveloped the nation. They are now full of troubles. We now have peace. I say, until they repent and understand we are special state, they will not have rest.”

Wike said: “God usually revealed their plans to us. Before they went to court to get search warrant to go to my Abuja house to plant millions of Dollars, and AK 47, I shouted. They said to each other, how did he know? When I traveled, they planned to do the DSP Alamieseigha formula, I shouted, they said, how did you know? I said, well, join us so you can know. Just yesterday, we got hints that they want to use accidental discharge but I said no way; what is in me is greater than them. There is huge gang up against the state. Politics is about trying to get elected and when you get elected, you try to develop the people, not to push evil. So, continue to intercede on our behalf, we will not disappoint you.”

He revealed what most of his followers may not know: “Somebody said, whether by blood or by crook, they will take this state. I say, its their blood. Christians, I say to you, prayer is good but there is a day for examination. Christians have kept quiet for too long. God did not say you should keep away from the affairs of the state. It is your business.

That is why politicians take you for a ride. Let all your members see what will happen in 2019. Do not just cry that things are bad. Decide who will rule Rivers State and Nigeria, else, blame yourself.”

Folaji: The secrets of wealth

Folaji took time to trace the secrets of prosperity. He said; One word can change the life or destiny of a man. Just pray that that one word should drop on you. It is one word that went to Jacob and changed his name to Israel. One word can terminate your suffering. I say to you, people from here will be raised to build roads, to build orphanage homes, to build hospitals, to create values. There was loud Amen.

He titled his ermon as ‘Working in Financial Dominion’. Many persons seemed to love the idea. They desired financial dominion. Being in poverty is against the will of God. This church is anointed to prosper. No debt, no borrowing amongst us. We are financial giants.

The wise one does not lack. This is because the wisest man that ever lived, Solomon, is also the richest man that ever lived. Following God does not reduce a man; it always elevates him above all nations. Giving thanks is counted as wisdom. Every instruction given by God is for man’s profit; none is for God or to bless God but man. If God be for you, no man can be against you. Thanksgiving is a spiritual preservative. Many roared at the sound of God being for any man.

To sleep and wake up is not by anyone’s power or plan but a blessing. It’s a circle of success. Thanksgiving multiples a blessing. It brings fresh anointing, and such anointing makes you an impossible case for your enemies. Turning people to salvation is a wise act. The greatest good is to connect a person to eternity; to change a man heading to hell to heaven.

Financial dominion: Way of God leads to Acts of God. Key: Giving because ‘Give and it shall be given unto you’. Poor or rich, giving is compulsory. Key: Giving to the poor is lending to God. God repays. The liberal soul shall be fat. You can give your way out of poverty and out of calamity, into long life, and into prosperity.

How? Giving by faith: Cast your bread upon the waters. Do not give by persuasion or grudgingly, but willingly, in love. Eschew bitterness before you give, and give cheerfully. Adopt sacrificial giving. Give until your point of rainfall because as you give, it goes to heaven to make it heavy, then when it is saturated, it falls back manifold. Solomon gave until prosperity fell, Job gave until heaven stirred.

Name of Jesus is weapon of war. Blood of Jesus destroys gods. Anointing is strong because of the spirit of God, but first, be born again. Give your life to Jesus. That is the greatest giving to God. (The hall went sober! Is this is easy here, is it possible?)


When you see Gov Wike these days, do not be surprised by what you may find. He is totally sold to Christ. He has been crowned the Apostle of Peace by the Christian Association of Nigeria (Rivers branch).