Israel builds $1Bn renewable power projects in West Africa for stronger ties


Israel is pushing their determination to win the hearts of African countries with a power project worth $1Bn. This would lead to renewable power projects in West Africa.

To get going, the ECOWAS signed a deal with an Israel-based company, Gigawatt Global. The West African Power Pool (WAPP) entered into the strategic relationship with the Israeli company.

The project is aimed at building 800 megawatt trans-boundary green energy in the ECOWAS sub-region to enhance economic growth.

Mr Guy Feldman, Israeli ambassador to Nigeia and the ECOWAS, said: “This MOU signed with WAPP, is a powerful metaphor to the West and the rest of Africa’.

The statement was issued in Abuja by Ms Zanswat Bowsan, Press Officer of the Israeli Embassy.

Feldman said: “It paves the way for future Israeli innovation, which when joined by visionaries and institutions can challenge anything and create hope for all.”

He explained that the initiative was conceived by the Israeli Prime Minister, Mr Benjamin Netanyahu, on June 5, 2017 in Liberia, in the bid to strengthen Israel ties with Africa.

Feldman said that already, he held a meeting with stakeholders in the African energy sector to explore solar fields in 10 African countries

He identified the stakeholders to include ECOWAS Energy Commissioner, Mr Meba Essohouna; Head of the West African Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Morlaye Bangoura and Mr Josef Abramowitz, Gigawatt Global CEO.

“The deal will build the West Africa Power Pool and create a regional electricity system.

“The deal builds on an agreement by the U.S. and Israel, Dec. 4, 2017, where the two governments pledged to work together to reduce energy deficit in Africa,” it added.