Journalists in ‘Grand Nord’ told to reduce conflict-inspired reporting


Journalists practising in the Adamawa, North and Far North Regions (Grand Nord), have been challenged to change the narrative from conflict-inspired reporting to peace and development communication.

The Regional Delegate of Communication for the Adamawa, Christine Barya Hamadjouldé, threw the challenge this weekend in Ngaoundere, headquarters of the Adamawa Region.

While officially launching activities of the Cameroon Community Media Network (CCMN) in the Grand Nord, the delegate indicated that the community stands a better chance of benefiting from peace, development and economic empowerment, if journalists embrace the peace and development journalism module.

“A peaceful society means a growth and developed nation, and while not a better world”, she added.

The launching that brought together over 30 journalists and Civil Society Actors from the three Northern regions, also witnessed training on effective election reporting that promotes peace, growth and development.

The National Secretary, Yanick Fonki, and the Grand Nord Regional Coordinator, Rekiatu Njingi, facilitated the successful launching ceremony.