King Daukoru, forrmer petroleum minister, points to Agric, education, as oil may crash in next 10 years; wants agric


David Ejiohuo

Nigeria has been told to build its new development on agriculture and education as priorities.

Former Petroleum Minister under Olusegun Obasanjo, now the Mingi or King of Nembe, Edmond Dakoru, who made the call has therefore described investments in the development of agriculture as the bedrock that could fast-track and sustain any developed or developing nation.

Dakoru gave this advice during the week when he spoke with BusinessDay at the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa.

According to the monarch, who was asked to access the progress in his state, Bayelsa, he said that Governor Siriaki Dickson has done well in infrastructural   development but insisted that the governor must as a matter of priority, focus on agriculture because of its sustainability.  “On physical infrastructure he has done well but I would want him to focus on agriculture because of its sustainability”.

The former minister of petroleum pointed out that the era of depending on oil was over because the said oil was a wasted asset that may not be so needed in the next ten years from now.

According to him, the reality is that both the Federal and state governments in Nigeria should be proactive and give agriculture the focus and priority it deserves in their development plans. “If we yoke agriculture with education in this country, we will be laying a solid foundation that will sustain the future and the upcoming generations because in it lies the future of self-sufficiency and the needed employment opportunities for our teaming unemployed people the graduates”.

He emphasized that education should be given equal priority and opportunity because as he put it, “If ignorant people who did not go to school could achieve much, how much more will well educated people achieve”.