Magnus Abe says Amaechi remains APC leader in the state, says party not torn apart, but..


Senator Magnus Abe says Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi remains the leader of the APC in Rivers State and that the problems in the party were not complicated.

He said solving the problem would be simple, jus create an avenue for people to air their grievances and reduce fears to some people.

Recounting the genesis of the Rivers APC crises the former Secretary to State Government (SSG) said the Mini ster of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi formed his own group in the party making it difficult for APC members to meet together to discuss the affairs of the party.

“Because some of us were advocating for some form of internal democracy within the party (APC) on the choice of candidates ahead of the 2019 elections, the Minister decided he was no longer going to carry everybody along but to form his own part of the party”.

“This has made it very difficult for those with a contrary opinion to be able to meet in one place and discuss issues of the party. But, that does not mean the party is torn apart. We still have all our structures intact and means of communicating. We would continue to expand on those structures and enhance mutual communication within the party”.

Abe maintained that in every political system, disagreements are inevitable and seen as instruments that strengthen democratic structures.

“In any political system, disagreements are normal. In fact, every political system should expect some kind of issues because you have people with different needs, different ideas, different objectives coming together but the fundamental thing with Rivers APC is our agreement to take over Rivers State in 2019. We are united over it and have decided to solidly stand behind President Buhari and working together to ensure that he is returned as President. We have all agreed”.

Abe noted that the party will continue to expand its structure as well as means of communication despite the internal disagreement in the party.

“It is in the state that we have issues which are normal and unless we sit down on one table and allow the people to air their grievances, the crises will continue. After all, we do not have an alternative state secretariat, we have only one leader and that is the Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotim Amaechi”.

“A situation where I have something that I don’t like or I have something I want to complain of or I see something that is wrong in the party and cannot articulate it in a place where other people can respond and reassure themselves that their interests were protected, the present crises will still cont inue”.

For the reconciliation committee headed by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will work in Rivers because the problem in the State is not complicated. There are people who had their positions taken in a manner they consider outside the constitution of the party, there are people who feel threatened, there are people who feel excluded. It is just to create a platform where grievances can be discussed, reassurance given and the party will move forward.

“The leader must acknowledge that we are all his supporters. We don’t have any problem with him. I say so clearly and conscientiously”.

Senator Abe urged the leader to take advantage of the party structure which is intact and create a platform where people can discuss party issues without a predetermined answer to a question that has not been asked.


Senator Abe whose recent thanksgiving in Port Harcourt, attracted over seventy percent of members of the National Assembly including the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki a nd four serving state governors in attendance said, he has no apology for inviting Governor Ezenwo Wike  to the event.

“I have no apology inviting the Governor. We need to understand what has happened over time in Rivers State. You have a state where people have been killed, beheaded and the polity had become totally overheated and I felt and still feel we should do as much as possible to bring down the political temperature and create an atmosphere  where Rivers people can decide their fate. If we don’t do that the tension will escalate”.

The Chairman on the committee for FERMA said there has been great improvement in the agency and attributed the success to the senate and the Managing Director Engineer Rafindadi whose dint of hard work has lifted the body to enviable levels in recent times.

In his remarks on the sequence of election as reordered  by the National Assembly, Abe said, “I support the president and I do so without reservations and without apologies to anyone. I think the President has done very well but there are things we can do better as a party”.

“Our primary responsibility as leaders of APC is to come together, unite the party, solve whatever internal problems we may have, be it at the state or national levels. Face the elections and the repositioning of Nigeria which is what the President is committed to”.


“There is a law that has been passed by the National Assembly. I don’t know if the President is going to sign that law or if he is going to veto it but if the President vetoes the law, I will not support any move to override the President’s veto because as a member of the APC, the President is part of the law making process. So, where he disagrees with something and he gives reasons for his disagreement, as members of our party, we should respect his views. If the President says it’s a law then, it becomes the law of the land and our opinion will become immaterial”.

On his performance at the 8th Senate Abe attributed it to the dynamics of the National Assembly which according to him is different from the 7th Assembly.

“My representation is stronger and we are working. I was out of the Senate for about two years. We had inconclusive elections and it took me almost two years to get back to the senate and by the time we came in as they say a lot of water has gone under the bridge. However, I promised my constituents that in this remaining year, we will try to do more than what we have done in the past years. We are working hard and will continue to work very hard”.