Man of God says many PH pastors are ‘religious armed robbers’


A man of God has blasted those he termed ‘religious armed robbers’ in Port Harcourt allegedly selling prayers and other favours from God. The condemnation came from the founder of God’s Love International Ministries (Power  Holy  Ghost  Arena), an apostle, A.O Barnabas, who said the ‘robbers’ were masquerading as men of God collecting monies for counseling and prayers.

Barnabas has thus threatened to shut down such places with his brand of evangelism backed by work without money. “For freely he received and freely he gives.”

Hear him “How much did Elisha pay to receive the mantle from Elijah? Most men of God now sell healing waters, handkerchiefs, Elijah’s mantle, etc. They must surely give account for these sales according to biblical promise that judgment will begin from the pulpit.”

He said it was wrong to do God’s work for money, saying those doing so were nothing but wolfs in sheep’s clothing. He spoke at the fourth anniversary of the Church in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria over the weekend.

The apostle wondered how an ordained man of God would collect cash, cars, houses, etc. for prayers and still claim that God said so. To Barnabas, it must be the devil that said so. He swore at such men of God and said they must surely give account of their various acts in the temple of God.

The man of God further said many have fallen victims to such fraudsters and advised Christians against those criminals who masquerade as bishops, apostles, prophets or pastors. He revealed how to know a true man of God, saying when such men prayed, heaven suspends whatever it is doing and send down answers.

He further regretted latest trends in churches that parade Hollywood actors and actresses at the alter and turn alters of God into shrines for comedians, beauty pageants, organizing of suya nights, Jeans carnivals & football clubs.

The man of GOD claimed that rapture is coming very soon and his mission to Port Harcourt from Lagos as directed by the Holy Spirit is to prepare real Christians for it. He also revealed that it is an error for a real man of God to die in plane crashes, road accidents or boat mishaps. Where then is the anointing of God?

The general overseer also said it is very pathetic when often he reads in newspapers that some clerics were kidnapped and their members and families would contribute funds to secure his release. “Where then is the anointing from God?”.

In the case of Barnabas, with the  healing water people brought to him, God used it to heal HIV/AIDS affliction,  asthma, diabetes, sickle cell, barrenness, ulcer, appendix, hernias, eye trouble, deaf, growth in the pelvic, safe delivery etc. He said distance is not a barrier in his work of mercy, saying with phone calls, he has healed many sicknesses.