Many may sleep in open fields as hotels in Yenagoa reject reservations 

By Our Reporters 

Many going to Yenagoa on election duty may most likely sleep outside.

This is because hotels in Bayelsa State are rejecting reservations, probably due to surge in demands or warning from security agencies. 

States that run elections usually witness hotel booking crisis where one rich interested party books all the hotels to lock out opponents. 

It is not clear what that cause is in Yenagoa but newsmen in the state capital found that hotels reject payments for reservations. They insist you must be physically present and you must check in right away. 

Hotels have however witnessed a boom in business since the off-cycle governorship election on Saturday, November 11 draws closer. 

With a large influx of visitors coming into the city, accommodation has become scarce. 

The situation is such that even hotels that were overlooked in the past are now enjoying their fair share of the market with customers booking for up to four days or more. 

In some instances, accommodation rates have increased, particularly for hotels that boast excellent facilities and services. 

Hotels now welcome customers who are ready for immediate lodging expressing fears that booking of reservation could negatively impact them within this period because they may not jerk up the rates when the surge gets to burst.

For visitors coming into Yenagoa later this week whether for the election or not securing decent accommodation may prove difficult due to these antics of hotel operators. 

The same goes for eateries and bars where some customers complained of soaring prices for liqueur. 

Some intending visitors especially those that have election duties are contacting relations to help squat them. 

At a popular bar, on Wednesday, a quarrel ensued between one attendant and a group of customers when the operator upped the price of a bottle of beer from N800 to N1,000. 

The situation is expected to get worst by Friday, November 10, 2023, the eve of the election. 

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