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Mayor of Housing makes Fellow of Global Institute of Leadership & Governance

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• Says future of leadership in private sector
By Ignatius Chukwu
The Mayor of Housing, My-ACE China, is now a fellow of the Global Institute of Leadership & Governance.
This is as he has advocated for more encouragement to captains of industry to take over leadership roles because, according to him, the future of leadership belongs to the private sector.
Mr China also won an award, ‘Icon of Hope & Societal Advancement 2023’ at the event held in Bon Hotel in Warri at the weekend.
The event was organized by Mayorkings Agency Group led by Ambassador/Dr Temisan O. Louis, President/Founder of the agency.
The event was the 9th Oil City Advancement Awards & Summit 2023 which attracted top leaders in the private sector with the theme: Sustainable Development is Everyone’s Responsibility.
Enumerating the objectives of the award series now in its 9th year, Ambassador/Dr Temisan said the scheme was set up to encourage people in the Niger Delta to achieve things. “We want to encourage and motivate others to do what these few fellows are doing.”
Some of the participants said the Niger Delta has managed to export an image of violence and destruction as if there were no achievers and peacebuilders who have worked to make the region still well.
The idea behind the annual awards may however be to counter negative narratives with highlighting of positive characters in the region that have stood out for creating good results.
In a chat, the founder told newsmen that the Mayor of Housing has become a household name in the oil region for offering solution to the housing deficit in Africa through his social housing initiatives.
The Mayor of Housing, who is the CEO of the Housing & Construction Mayor Limited, has created massive values in the estate and property subsector of the Nigerian economy from both the low and high ends of the sector.
He has designed world class apartments that have swimming pools at the top and smart apartments that can be controlled from anywhere in the world. He has found ways of using social funding to develop high class houses at very low funding mechanisms.

Reacting to the award and induction, Mr China, a real estate success strategist, noted that the conveners have track records that were valuable enough for him and his partners.
He went on: “Today’s award is very important because it is going to encourage those making valuable contributions to do more. Many have lost hope in trying to build a sustainable society but I tell you the future is in the hands of private sector leaders.
“The private sector will be leading the charge of impact.”
He said he felt honoured and challenged because whatever people like him were doing is being recognized. “I am really impressed with the due diligence process by the organization especially how they selected the police officer for an award. It is very exciting.”
He said he was committed to scale the scheme to national level. The fellowship into which I have just been inducted shows that individuals have the future of leadership in Nigeria.”
He said the impression that governance and leadership were only relevant at political levels was wrong because it is even more urgent and important at private levels such as homes, churches, communities, companies and firms.
This is because these are the incubating centres for nurturing leadership and governance principles from which he said political leaders eventually emerge.

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