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Purpose of supporting peace projects in Alesa:

I am a real estate success strategist, and the sobriquet did not come for nothing. It is a name I got on the back of coordinating and exponentially increasing value through collaboration and innovation. And, that is what we are doing here in Alesa.

Collaboration is what multiplies value for me. It is the way I coordinated value in Abuja that made people to start calling me the ‘Governor of Housing’. I said no, Mayor is better than Governor, which is now becoming common in Nigeria. It is not a political appointment. It is on the back of merit in development and collaboration. In terms of development, I call myself the most development savvy real estate investor and developer in Africa and the most collaborative businessman in this part of the world.

One of the reasons is because I do not do development alone. For instance, what informed this peace project in Alesa is because I cannot come into Alesa and develop Alesa into the most sustainable smart city to come to Africa without security, and I cannot secure Alesa without the youths because they are most neglected and underrated segment of the populace. It is wise to tap into their latent force and use it as fuel for development.

Message for Alesa community:

All I can tell the community is that two things promote development and attract investment. The first is security that usually give rise to peace; they are two sides of the same coin. After this, the next thing is hospitality. You can see how they have accepted and embraced me and that is why I am doing what I am doing here. If Alesa was not hospitable to me, I would probably face my business in Alesa only and go; but because they were hospitable to me, they accepted me with both hands, so that’s why am doing this.

So, any community, not just Alesa but across Africa and the world, that does not first get security and peace, and hospitality in terms of waivers and attractive packages that can attract investors, they will not develp. They have done this to me. They have given me a lot of things that showed me they really wanted me to come in and develop the place. We are thus not doing this project haphazardly, we are doing it with our whole heart and commitment.

On behalf of the chairman of the Construction & Housing Mayor Limited, His Excellency, Senator Adawari Michael Pepple, we are committed to not only bringing development to Alesa but we want Port Harcourt to lead the way again in terms of development in Nigeria.

Company focus:

Our focus is to reverse the infamous Port-Lagos dichotomy. We discovered a trend where workers with the international oil corporations (IOCs) work in Port Harcourt but choose to live in Lagos. To solve that is not to pour lamentations over it every day. On our part, we want to tackle that by offering the nation an alternative to Lekki by bringing in a new Banana Island to Port Harcourt to compete with the Banana Island in Lagos. Our is a high-end project, meaning it will attract high net worth personalities around the country and beyond.  That is why we are excited by the 20,000-housing project Gov Sim Fubara of Rivers State just launched. What he is doing toward Ikwerre local council area is the low-end low-cost houses and we are doing the high-end luxury houses. With the two going on at the same time in this part of the country, the world will know that Port Harcourt has bounced back in the real estate sector.

Companies and CSR!

Companies develop and give tokens back later but we are yet to start and we want to start by giving upfront to the people.

This thinking comes from deep-rooted thinkers. I am a real estate success strategist and one of the routes to market is to warm up to your market. Any market you want to get into, do things to warm it up. You see companies doing promos and stuff like that. We deal in development and a bedrock of that is peace. It is only a real developer like us that would want to promote peace first in an area they want to get into. It is interesting that this development will be starting in about March 2024, but we started our collaboration and CSR way back before now. We have even had Christmas package before now. Any real farmer will make the ground wet before moving in to farm. Alesa has accepted us and other investors can try this model.

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