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Mayor of Housing, My-ACE China, speaks to Manger Project children

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· Says: When you obey your parents and give to others, you become a king

Children, children, we’re gonna pray for this food because Jesus usually prayed before He ate when He was physically on Earth.

Many of you should by now know what a manger is. A manger is the loneliest and lowest place in any community on earth, but Jesus was born there (in a manger). It’s the loneliest and lowest place in this world because that where animals wait to give birth, and eat grass while they waited. Know what? The highest King that has ever been in this world, Jesus, was born there. Many of you know while Jesus is the highest king.

You all know that other kings have people as their subjects, but there is only one king that has other kings as his subjects. So, they call Him the ‘King of kings’. I know many of you have heard about the king of kings and you all know Him. You all must also know why God made Him the king of kings.

The first reason is that He accepted to be born in a manger. By this, He started in a very, very low place. The lesson here is that where ever you are today, no matter how lowly it is, it cant be lower than a manger.

Normal people are not born in mangers, only kings, so if you know where you are coming from, it looks like a manger, know that you are a king.

You must know the second reason why Jesus was made the King of kings. Its because he was an obedient child that studied the Bible. By the time he was 12 years, He has read the Bible so much that He was asking the Pharisees and scribes questions in the temple. It means that at 12 years, Jesus has already read the Bible plenty times. I know some of you here are up to 12 years.

So, if you are up to six years, start reading the Bible so that before 12, you would have read the it so many times. This way, you will be like Jesus. If you want to be a king, you study the Bible.

The third reason is sacrifice. Jesus sacrificed His comfort, His life, everything, for all of us to enjoy. We are enjoying these riches today because in 2 Corinthians 8:9, He became poor so that you and I can be rich; He sacrificed his own life so that we can have life; He sacrificed his enjoyment so that we can enjoy. How can you sacrifice as children? If you get something, give your younger ones or sacrifice it to people that are poorer than you or sacrifice by reading your books instead of playing away your life. Sacrifice by being obedient to your mummy and your parents. Be obedient, give to others. This way, God will give you more. Once Jesus accepted to be born in a manger, accepted to read the bible, accepted to be sacrificed, He became a King.

All of you are going to become kings if you know that you are kings by being born in a manger. If you read the bible, if you become sacrificial children by obeying your parents and giving to your younger ones and the less privileged. With those three things, I know many of are ready to be kings.

Please I have one request, when you become a king, come and buy house from me.

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