MOSOP calls on Ogoni to help one another as lockdown rages



The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) says the impact of the fight against the Corona virus is getting very severe on Ogoni communities. President of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke made the observation today at the MOSOP National Secretariat when he met with the Coordinator of MOSOP in Gokana, Apostle Celestine Viura, to review the situation in Gokana kingdom.

“Although we understand the impact of the lock-down on the people, we seem not to have any choice than to avoid contacts with people and it is important that our people understand how much this can help save lives in the midst of severe hunger now being experienced” Nsuke said.

He called on the Ogoni people to encourage and support one another at this difficult time and hoped that the Corona virus will eventually be overcome.

“This is the moment when we must all support and encourage each other, we must also educate ourselves on safe practices to keep our communities free from the Corona virus infections. It is a good thing that there are currently no cases of the infection in Gokana and no kingdom has reported any case but there are no testing going on so we cannot rule out any possibilities” Nsuke said.

The MOSOP president however expressed worry that government palliative measures isn’t getting to a very large number and the approach used in the distribution is capable of spreading the virus if we have undetected cases amongst those who clamor for the food stuffs.

He suggested that government should remodel its food distribution strategy to have better impact on the people..

“Rather than encouraging crowds in the distribution centers, government can consider supplying the food stuffs to designated retail outlets at controlled prices. The current approach where crowds gather under the sun for loves of bread and noodles is not only derogatory but can also aid the spread of the virus” he said.

“It is therefore important that whatever intervention at this time should be done with consideration for the dignity and safety of our people” the MOSOP president said.

We appreciate every efforts at supporting our people at this time but it is also important that we conduct our support activities within the rules of safety recommended by the World Health organization, WHO, Nsuke said.

The MOSOP president expressed hopes that the fight against the Corona virus will be be won and society will get back to its feet.

“I want to encourage you to be hopeful and work towards a Corona Virus free Ogoni while supporting each other. I am confident that the world will eventually overcome this infection and get back to its feet” Nsuke concluded.