MOSOP wants media help to resolve lingering problems


The Ogoni socio-cultural group wants the support of the media to resolve the lingering problems in the area. This is contained in a statement issued by the acting secretary-general of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP), Alex Akori.


The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) wishes to call on media practitioners to support its efforts towards resolving the Ogoni problem. This call has become necessary as the media appears consumed by some desperate individuals and groups on the status and true position of it’s leadership.

MOSOP is worried that the media space appears to have been invaded by quacks who have thrown away professionalism, ethics and have resorted to unethical practices.

The case of a so-called Transition Council of MOSOP is one instance where indecency is being encouraged by bad media practice.

 We wish to state unequivocally that the so-called Transition Council is a fraudulent setting and something a Federal High Court threw away in its judgment delivered on March 6, 2020.

For the avoidance of any doubts, we will provide a brief background to the case and show how those who should uphold standards put out the ridiculous behavior now exemplified in the so-called Transition Council.

In suit number FHC/PH/FHR/229/2018, one Nabulobari Nwin Naaziga Lue had approached a Port Harcourt Federal High Court seeking to enforce his fundamental human rights following his disqualification from contesting the MOSOP elections held December 19, 2020.

King Gininwa, the Gbenemene of Tai Kingdom, one of the six kingdoms of Ogoni approached the court for an out of court settlement. The court granted the request.

Unfortunately, King Gininwa could not get a consensus as three parties namely Prince Fegalo Nsuke, Chief Emmanuel Nkalaa and Chief Dr Fortune Okwah Chujor were not consulted and refused to sign the agreement drafted by Gininwa and others.

For that reason, the court discountenanced the purported agreement document.

While the case was still pending before the Federal High Court and in utter disregard for the court, King Gininwa and his team on January 4, 2020 announced the list the High Court earlier discountenanced and named them an Interim Committee of MOSOP.

However, the court on March 6, 2020 delivered judgment and struck out the matter for lack of jurisdiction. That threw away everything called a Transition Council of MOSOP.

A copy of the said judgment is attached.

We are shocked that some media houses are encouraging anarchy in our society by encouraging what the court has thrashed in the judgment of March 6,, 2020. If the court says a thing doesn’t exist, who can say that thing exists and why then are journalists accepting to promote it? Why should those who are fraudulent and disrespectful to our laws be encouraged by some media practitioners?

MOSOP is deeply concerned about this deterioration in ethical practice. Sometimes we are tempted to think journalists have become very confused on this issue hence these clarifications.

We will make bold to state that a valid election of MOSOP was conducted on December 19, 2018 in which Prince Fegalo Nsuke emerged president. Another election is due in 2021. Until then, we urge the media to support the current leadership in its quest and commitment towards the resolution of the larger Ogoni problem.